Why Do People Start Internet Marketing?

Why do people start businesses?  Most people aren’t willing to do it.  It takes work and time to get things rolling.  But for the ones who want to better there lives and quit working for others, it gets in your system.

You think about starting your own business all the time.  You dream of a better future.

Before the internet that meant investing tons of money in getting an office or store going.  Before you even know if there are enough customers.  You don’t know if your location is going to be good enough to make the business a .

So many questions you need to answer when starting a brick and mortar business.

Now you can start an internet business for a few hundred dollars!

Watch this almost 2 hour Youtube video any time you start getting stuck and want to force yourself to keep working on your business.   It is a real motivator, shows what can happen if you stick with and get over the hump.

how to use substack

will come if you keep doing what it takes.  IM isn’t hard it is just a lot of easy tasks you have to do over and over to make it.  Don’t feel bad if one project fails, each failure gets you closer to a winner. Why do people start is different for everybody.

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