Vinova Pro Review – Shoves Video Traffic To Your Website

by Ifiok Nkem

Video leads for your business.

This software promises to get you more traffic and leads. Traffic is the major hurdle for most new websites today. Especially free traffic from Google is hard to come by unless your website is established and has lots of back-links.

Not much is known about this upcoming launch scheduled for Sept 10,2021. There is no JV page up yet. But he is promising a huge prize pool. And a great funnel to get up-sell money.

The launch is still a month out so all we can do is wait.

About Ifiok Nkem

Ifiok Nkem puts out a lot of products and they are generally top notch. I bought his ADA Comply product and it did what it was supposed to do. I liked it and thought it was worth them money.
Don’t think people realize how much at risk they are to being sued for a website that is not ADA compliant. So far you don’t hear of anyone getting sued with a small website.

The lawyers seem to be going after the giant website businesses first. But it is only a matter of time before they hit us hard.

What Else Has He Sold?

Here are some other products Ifiok Nkem has sold before:


ADA Bundle Accessibility Software 1568 sold $67
VidJack 1897 sold $45
VideoTours360 1678 sold $67
MailConversio 690 sold $39
LocalAGencyBox 976 sold $47
ADA Bundle Pro 806 sold $97
ADA Bundle Agency Dashboard 587 sold $67
Viral Lead Funnels 869 sold $67
ADA Comply 2.0 2318 sold $67

Good Products in the Past

His products sell well and the refunds are low.

With no other information available, you will have to research his name online and watch some reviews of his previous products.
In order to figure out if will be worth buying.

There are just no Vinova pro reviews available yet.  I’d imagine we will see details in a week or two.

Bottom line, in my opinion it may be a good investment or a product for affiliates to promote at the end of the month.

Getting traffic is always needed.  Traffic products that work sell well online today.  People with new websites are desperate for more traffic.

With a good salespage, this product should sell.  Ifiok has thousands of people on his email list so we should know right off the bat if it sells on launch.

ADA Comply review on youtube

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I will update this Vinova Pro as more details come out online.