Video Payflow Review – VSL WordPress Plugin

Wow, It isn’t often a wordpress plugin gets me excited.  - This adds payment buy buttons right in your video sales letter.  Very impressive and cool idea.

It isn’t always easy to get people involved in your video sales letters.   They are pretty static and boring.  With this simple plugin, you can just upload your video to your blog on a simple page.  It automatically adds a buy with pay-pal button when you want it to show.  Right in the video itself so important for conversions!

It automatically builds a thank you video page and if they click the pay-pal button, it switches to the thank you video on the same page.  They never even have to leave the sales page so they can’t get lost.  It blew my mind how seamless it works.

They watch the video and the buy button pops up when you want it to.

The visitor clicks buy and pay-pal pops up in front of your sales video.

They buy and are sent back to your sales page but now it is the thank you video

WITH your download product links, support links and anything you want to link to.  !  This is really cool.

If you upgrade you can even offer subscriptions and bump offers.  So you can increase your profits on each sale.

Really a great wordpress plugin.  I bought it myself.  is a complete system that looks and works great for anyone selling products with video sales letters.  It’s rare for a plugin to be this useful.

The system is called .

And includes:

– Your customers completes checkout without leaving your video
– Thank you video plays automatically after payment
– Integrated product delivery
– Automatic PayPal integration
– Sales are stored into your database
– Customers are saved into your back-office
– Payflows can be placed anywhere on your site
– Manage all your Payflows from online location

Setup online offers in minutes, not days and hours.
Increase conversion by simplifying the checkout process for your customers.
Start selling without having to create a sales page.
Sales progress that does not need a thank you page.
Maximise sales conversion with in-built tools.

It is highly recommended.  Going to setup offers today with this plugin…

Check it out Here –  watch the video

This is an affiliate link and if you buy from my link I have a special bonus for you.  Shoot me an email after buying and I will send you your bonus.  It’s a 4 video mini course on getting fast traffic to your offer pages.