Simple Way To Monetize Your Blog Fast – WP Speedy Links Review

by Michael Johnson

In todays post I’m going to do a quick WP Speedy Links Review of the WP Speedy Links WordPress Plugin. This new plugin is great for adding monetized links to your wordpress site.

Who wants to add links to every single post and page?
What a pain in the %#$.

But if you want to start making more money, you need money links in your posts.

This isn’t quick money but it will grow over time as your site gets more and more pages. And it is painless to add your monetization. It’s autopilot and done for you.

All you have to do is keep writing blog posts and every time you click publish. The links are added automatically.

It’s one less thing you have to do in your busy day.

Wp Speedy Links is designed to take care of your monetizing of . You choose what keyword you want to link to anything.

You can use this to add sitewide external links so Google likes you. Anywhere that word shows up in your , is now linked to where you want it to go. Like an affiliate link. Or a link to your sales page.

You can install this plugin and add links to every single post instantly.

It is a great software tool for any online marketer.

I know this will help all my readers so I am doing the right thing and adding some great bonuses for anyone who buys this plugin. Read more about it at the end of this post.

WP Speedy Links Review

I’ve tested this plugin myself and it works like a charm. All you have to do is download it to your computer. Open your wordpress dashboard. Add new plugin and upload it. Activate the plugin. Click the plugin button and start adding your links and choosing keywords to use.

Super Simple so I wont bore you with a 15 minute review.

It works great.

It takes literally 10 seconds to monetize your blog no matter how many posts you already have.

Don’t worry it’s not expensive at all.

If you set this up on a new blog, you wont have to worry about monetization for a long time. You will automatically have more money links out there for people to click on and buy something.

Text links in your are actually 5X more likely to be clicked on because they don’t look like ads. They are hidden in plain site.

You just never know what visitors will click on. If you watch them in action, you’ll find they click around. They even click on headlines and images.

Don’t buy this if you don’t have wordpress blogs but if you do it’s perfect for you. It is quite possible, you haven’t made much money online because you don’t have enough money links.

This WP Speedy Links plugin is the easy and fastest way to monetize any wordpress site. It lets you monetize without having gobs of ads all over your blog just to make a little money.

As your traffic to your blog grows, you’ll be all set to start selling more online. You train your visitors to click your links over time.

Without being too salesy.

So what is the Funnel for WP Speedy Links

The main product on the front end is the simple to use plugin. That lets you monetize any wordpress blog site so you can start earning more income.

OTO1: Like a lot of plugins, you can get Developer rights so you can add this plugin to multiple sites even clients!

OTO2: Want resale rights? 100% commission on every sale in the whole funnel. And they take care of all the work and support for you. This is great for building your list and earning at the same time. All you need is a short freebie report and an opt in page. Then you send them to your salespage.

OTO3: This OTO gives you a powerful Ad Rotater Software that makes advertising and testing ads very easy.
Something we all need in this business.

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Michael’s Bonuses:

I know how well this plugin works so I am happy to give some great bonuses if you buy through me. They will help you a lot in your business.

1. Ten Ways to Effectively Promote as an Affiliate
2. The Promotion Blueprint Video Training Course
3. Online Ads and Website Traffic Course
4. Top 51 Best Traffic Sources Video Training
5. Graphics MEGA Pack – First Volume
6. Graphics MEGA Pack – Second Volume
7. Surefire Wealth – Silver Level Pass

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Final Thoughts

I liked it enough to buy it and use it on 3 of my websites. I find it so much easier to add and change my links out. Much better than going through and editing lots of pages.  This is a useful idea.

This WP Speedy Links doesn’t cost much at all for what it can do for you. It is especially useful, if you have a blog with lots of pages.

Your bonuses will be waiting for you on the download page as soon as you buy. If you don’t get them, simply email me at
michael[at] and I will email them to you.

Any questions or comments leave them below and I will get in touch.

I don’t know how long the bonuses will be available so start using WP Speed Links today.

==>>Get the PlugIn and the giant bonus pack when you buy through this link<<==