Simple Twitter Traffic Tactic to Get Followers Fast

This is a great video that teaches you how to quickly and followers from Twitter. I bet you need more Twitter traffic?

Mick has a great Youtube channel with loads of traffic and tricks.

Here he teaches a great strategy for Twitter marketing. I had never thought of this before. It sounds like an easy way to get more people to see your tweets.

Using aHrefs to get data and find the people with lots of followers is genius.

Redoing and improving already performing is great. It is terrific for finding ideas.

Just do MORE of what is already working.

Take a something with lots of retweets and create an improved version.

Share it with people who loved the first version. Some will probably tweet your .

These big Twitter people already have thousands of followers. You could have your improved content shared with them all for free.

Watch the video and put this into action.

I know I am going to. Get more twitter traffic and followers.

A lot of people don’t think Twitter is worthwhile but I have found if you take the time to grow your follower count, you can get traffic. Just get the right people to follow you.

And most important give people a reason to click. What’s in it for them? An offer that stands out and promises something specific. Why should they click?

Make it fun and interesting.

This is one way to grow your following quickly.

A Great Twitter Traffic Hack

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