Secrets To Start Profiting Online

Don’t let people fool you.. starting a profitable online business is not easy to do.

Let’s learn how to start profiting online and making money online.

Most give up and fail to reach any level of .

This is a business with loads of competitors and finicky customers who want everything for free.

You’ve probably tried affiliate marketing, building an audience and video marketing, right?

They told you how easy it was. They lied.

The way to is not just copying others. Because all the big money is hidden from view. What you can see from the street(browser window) is not all there is.

Ads are expensive.
Writing and making videos takes loads of time.
Learning the tech never stops.
Buying product after product wont get you there.
Figuring out how a successful business is doing it is difficult.

You can only get so much work done each day, if you are the only one working on your business.

Online business profits go up and down in waves.

One way to tell how much money people are making is to join a bunch of IM email lists and watch what people send.

When things are profitable, you hardly hear from them. The occasional helpful email and some stories. Relationship building.

As sales drop and dries up, suddenly every one is sending pitch fests. A whole line of pitches daily. They are desperate!
They stop giving away any good , just pitches.  Well things are like that today, I have 100 new email pitches every day in my in box.

They are throwing things at the wall to see if anything will stick.

I have been doing marketing for 20 years now. Was cleaning out an old computer and looking at the 10000 bookmarks I had on this computer.

There were some great websites in the past that had real advice and teaching. I started clicking them to see what they look like today.

Surprise! 99% of those great websites are no longer online.
Makes you think doesn’t it. Where did they all go? What are they doing now?

All out of business in under 10 years. Sounds awful? But really that is just normal for all businesses.

80% of brick and mortar small business don’t last 2 years. Usually because they did no marketing. Marketing is vital, you need eyeballs to find you. Marketing is the investment that can grow your business.

80% of online businesses don’t last 120 days! That’s 4 months people?

So don’t get discouraged if you have not succeeded yet.

You aren’t ONE Funnel Away? Your probably 20 funnels away before you find one that is profitable.

The key is to find what people are desperate for and sell that. What are they already buying in droves? What do they stand in line for?

Sell the results not the product.
Offer guaranteed results, get sales, get them what they paid for and you’ll have happy customers who will buy again.

The real profits start now – Followup and Backend products that cost more money.

Plan out your mini business

Find what people want to buy – The problems
Begin with the profitable backend product that solves it
Then create several frontend products that lead to that backend product. These are stepping stones to the final solution.

Once you have 4 or 5 solutions, you appear to be the answer to a customers problem. Seem to be the expert on it.

They will want to buy from you. Just to try you out. So start with lower priced products and move them up the ladder.

Create a lot of obvious no-brainer offers. Ten times the value for the price. You are just getting them into the door. Even a $1 sale is a real live buyer.

Buyers are worth collecting on your list. Freebie seekers are basically not worth the time.

You are better off making sure every lead magnet you put out there is basically a sales letter for your front end offers. Sure put some useful tips in there but no meat. The meat is in your paid offers.

If you have a content rich website filled with tons of content, they have no reason to buy anything ever.

The primary goal is to get buyers today.

You’ll never see 99% of your website visitors again.

A lot of businesses pile on the content. That content either overwhelms someone or tells them, no need to buy, more free content arrives every week.

So don’t be afraid to tell them, you’ve read this free content but it wont solve your problem. In fact it gave you new problems. This was just an introduction, the answers are here in the [problem} course I just finished wrapping up.

It has a complete solution to your [problem] and I guarantee it works. Check it out here<<<

A lot of people make some money online but it’s rare to see long term successes.

So just keep that in mind as you build your mini-businesses. It’s not a one thing is going to make you retire.

You need multiple online businesses for long term wealth. Because they are assets that you can sell when you tire of them. Yes you will tire of them. The grass is always greener over there!

Still with me?
Life isn’t always pretty. All we can do is keep learning our lessons.

Speaking of lessons…

Would it help you to have a mentor in marketing?
Do you have trouble staying motivated and getting the work necessary done?

Here is the easiest way to learn marketing and stay motivated every day. Audio coaching and motivation from someone who has worked online full time selling info-products for years. He is doing it as we speak. Thousands of sales on Warriorplus, you can verify his authenticity.

All you have to do is listen to one of these audio recordings each day. I have 100 of them for you.

In each audio, you’ll listen as he tells an interesting story that teaches marketing lessons and takeaways. It is really motivating as you learn what works every day. I listen to them all them time because online businesses are lonely when you work alone.

When you struggle to get it all done in the limited time you have available. When you think about giving up daily. When you see no results for months.

These audios are just like having a personal call from your mentor daily. That would be some expensive coaching if anyone offered daily coaching calls.

So anyway, I could go on and on, if your interested learn more here