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"Imagine Being Able To GET YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS GROWING? Now You Can… And Do It In Days Not Months Without Wasting Time And Effort On THINGS THAT DON'T EVEN WORK ANYMORE"

From: Michael Johnson
Seattle, WA

Dear Friend,

I want to start by letting you know I’m not a Guru in any way.

I’m just an ordinary person, just like you, who wanted to make a part time income online and grow it so I could quit my 9 to 5 job.

After so many years of trial, error, research and testing I’m really so excited to share what I have discovered because I know it can work for you too.

What I’m going to share with you isn’t rocket science but it can (and will) help you get out of your current situation…

One thing is for certain:

It’s Not Your Fault

Believe me, I know how easy it is to feel completely trapped:

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar?

If so, you aren’t alone – the sad thing is thousands of people suffer needlessly from them every day.

The Easiest Way To Start Making Money Online FAST

Enough was enough and I decided to make a change in my life.

So I began researching different methods for online businesses.

Of course many of these methods completely failed but some (in fact 3 in particular) worked like a dream.

In just 12 months I had managed to build a blog that gets traffic regularly. Built a 5000 person email list from 3 different squeeze pages.  Written 12 free reports and 5 Kindle e-books. Found the time to write 75 blog posts and articles. I was finally making progress in my business which had just been doing nothing for the last 2 years before that.

All from just these 3 simple changes I made!

Now if you’re feeling a little skeptical I don’t blame you. I certainly would have been too.

Also, I should be clear that this DOES NOT involve any kind of  spending $1,000’s on ads, putting my face on videos, spamming FB groups with affiliate links, anything sneaky or black hat.  No spending every spare moment you have on writing hundreds of articles.

It’s FAR simpler and easier than that. Perhaps like you, I had already tried those methods before and they never really worked for me anyway.

What finally made it click in my head?

So 2 years ago, like normal back than I was surfing the web late at night and stumbled on a great video on Youtube.  It was a successful product seller who has been making a full time income online for about 8 years now.  A simple podcast that really spoke to me.

He was giving out actual proven marketing lessons from his heart.  Just telling it like it is. I have to tell you it was refreshing after struggling in this niche for years and years.

I started listening to this podcast every episode for the next 8 months.  It was like getting personal coaching and it was ongoing so you had time to let the lessons sink in.  Each podcast had real takeaways I could put into use that week.  Plus he added a lot of actual stories on the podcast, these examples really help you remember what is important.

Well I was truly starting to look at my business different.  I saw all the mistakes I had done for years and why they don’t work.

So I took those lessons and rebuilt my whole business in about 3 months.  Finally I had a roadmap I could just follow, it made a huge difference for me and I bet you could use the same IM lessons to succeed too.

I took what he taught in all those podcasts and put it into action and it worked.  I had never been able to get so much done so fast before.  I just needed to hear it from someone successful.

Today my business is moving forward like never before.  Instead of just hope, there are actual real business assets of my own.  The profits increase every month.  That simple podcast jumpstarted my business.

That podcast is not online anymore, he took it down and sold the rights to it.  So you can’t watch or listen to it anymore for free.

Luckily for you, I bought the rights to sell the podcast and you can get it for yourself.  You can learn the hundreds of IM tactics and strategies that I was able to use and finally start seeing amazing results on my own business.  

If you listen to these podcasts every day, you will basically have a daily business coach telling you exactly what to do.  Exactly what is proven to work.

Without having to pay for personal coaching daily which would cost thousands of dollars if you could even find a coach who offers daily coaching.  No coach has time to do that.


Take A Moment And Just Imagine…

“These are all proven marketing takeaways and lessons from someone who walks the walk.  He creates and sells products and affiliate products and makes money every day online.  He has membership sites active right now.  You wont find many gurus who share the real things that work today.  They keep the good stuff behind closed doors and only share them with each other.”

Your Bonus

Today, I’m also including:
Newsletters on Substack– a video training course on using the free website Substack to create all the free and paid newsletters you want. a $17 value
Yours free if you take action now.

What You Are Getting:

Check out the Podcast episode titles here

Listen to this Sample Audio

100 IM podcast episodes filled with takeaways and lessons

46 hours of valuable marketing content

– it’s a years worth of coaching for cheap

Easy to listen to podcasts that are interesting and teach

You get the actual audio downloads

this is a huge package – over 1 gigabyte of information

Coaching you can listen to over and over as motivation, doing online business can be lonely. You feel all alone, well throw one of these podcasts on and listen again to a real human coach.

Anytime you need an emotional lift,
it will get you motivated when you need it.

I struggled with what to charge for this life changing information. I don’t want to charge a ton of money so more people will get these and listen to them. I know they will help anyone grow an online business. If I could give them away free, I would be happy to but I am required to charge something.

A fair price for a years coaching would probably be $10k but I won’t charge that. Maybe $2k no, I think that is still too expensive for most people. Even $1000 would be worth it, if you finally get your business going and actually start earning some profits right?

But I really want as many people as possible to get this marketing training so let’s drop it to $99 and get it out there for people to use.


So you’re going to be able to grab this huge download package of 100 podcast audio files for only a one time fee of $47.

The way prices are going up, it’s only maybe the price of a cheap dinner out. Only $47 for the whole package instantly downloaded right after purchase. Super simple, purchase, download and start listening to the podcasts. Take notes as you go through them.

No-Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You have two choices now:

1. Buy this podcast collection of IM lessons that are proven successful and quickly learn what works and what doesn’t online. And start building your own successful online business and finally quit your time-sucking job and have some freedom and control.

2. Pass on this bargain coaching offer and continue the way you have been. Struggling, lost and hopeless. Watching free Youtube videos and buying course after course after course.

Grab your 100 IM Podcasts - Instant Coaching Help Now

sold out

This is a lot of content to go through, if you would prefer to pace this out and just get 10 podcasts at a time, I have it also available through a membership program via email.

So option 2 is $7/month and you will receive 10 podcasts via email each month plus other great training I send to members each month. You may cancel anytime.


The choice is yours.

Michael Johnson

p.s. This really is like having a personal coach talk you through setting up your own online business without the thousands of dollars price tag. I think $47 is a much better bargain.

p.p.s. Don’t wait too long and miss this offer. This has been up for nearly 6 months now and I am thinking about taking the product down and doing something else very soon.

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