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Finding a Topic That Sells

We are giving you “3 Easy To Sell Newsletter Ideas” that hands you 3 ready to go newsletter topics that are proven winners.  Plus how to research and find your very own topics to start with in only 7 days.

Technical Hurdles

The thing about platforms like Substack is that there is a learning curve and lots of little technical details to pick up on.  This over the shoulder training is going to throw that learning curve out the WINDOW!  You’ll be up and running in less than 60 minutes!!

Be The Obvious Expert

With This Carefully Crafted Content Package You Can Provide Reliable High Quality Information To Your Customers.

Use this product to become a MASTER of Substack and start spreading your message there for the ultimate WIN!

Here's What Your Gonna Get

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23 Quick Training Videos

This Video Guide will help you to build paid and free newsletters from ground up! Step-By-Step instructions, no previous knowledge needed!

23 companion Audio mp3's of the videos

Listen to these training lessons while you do something else and save time.

23 Video Transcripts -pdfs

You’ll be able to quickly read the lessons without having to watch all the videos again.

And "Promotional Sequences for Profit"

An Email sequence that has been proven to sell more products.

PLUS: These 3 Extra Courses


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is the course?

A: I have kept these videos short so you don’t have to watch hours of video. The whole course is one hour long so you will learn everything in just one hour. Quick and Easy.

Q: Are newsletters profitable today?

A: Absolutely, people sign up for newsletters by the millions. Find a popular topic with rabid fans and condense all the news on the niche down to a quick to consume version. Give them insider secrets that will help them. Do all the research for them so they can just enjoy learning in every issue.

Now you can add in a helpful product that they would love and make some simple offers to your subscribers.

Q: Why is the for sale so cheap?

A: I love using Substack myself and want a lot more people to find out about it and use it for themselves.

Q: Is a newsletter business hard to do?

A: Not at all. It is one of the simplest businesses online. You can write helpful and interesting news, tips and strategies while including your opinions. People are paying for your opinions.

Q: What happens when I add to cart and buy?

A: Great question, after payment you will receive an email instantly with your download link. This is a digital download file. Then you can sit down and watch the videos and listen to the audio files anytime you want. Check your spam folder if you don’t see the download email.

Q: What if I get stuck after buying the product?

A: Email me anytime to get help and I will get you rolling again. Unlike most vendors, I don’t sell and leave you to take care of yourself. Happy to answer questions from buyers any time.

Q: Why do you like Substack better than an autoresponder?

A: Autoresponders are great, I use them as well. But when you are getting started, they are complicated and the cost gets expensive quickly. Substack offers some great things, you can have multiple newsletters, they handle all the emailing for you, can send an email anytime, stores your archives online for you(no website needed). You can add podcasts, images and videos to your newsletters. You can start with free newsletters and when they get big, add a paid newsletter and start making money from subscriptions. Substack is free to use!

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