12 Ways To Make Money Writing Today

by Michael Johnson

People are always asking me what I do for a living and it is hard to describe.

The quick answer is I’m a blogger. Or simply I work for myself. Even semi-retired fits. All of these are true.

But there are a lot more ways to describe what I do. I can honestly use these descriptions.

  • I run a publishing company.
    I’m an affiliate marketer.
    I create and sell info-products (as an example this page)
    I spend most of my time writing.
    I write and sell my own e books.
    I am a website creator.
    I spend a lot of time as a marketing consultant.
    Basically I work full time as an online marketer.

I’ve used all of those descriptions over the years and people still don’t have a clue what I do. They don’t get it.

Bottom line I just write daily for a living. It is the basis for all these answers. Writing.

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I can earn a decent living simply by writing in all kinds of forms. From webpage copy, e books, emails and even video scripts. There is huge demand for all of those types of content. Huge demand from the millions of small businesses with websites.

Even brick and mortar businesses need someone to create and write email promotions for them. Make videos for them. Write ads for them.

You can go to Groupon right now and find companies who are paying a fortune for an ad on Groupon. Plus giving away 80% of the profits to Groupon as well for each promotion. You could email any of these businesses, and save them a fortune in fees. Simply create your own coupon and put it on the companies website! No fees, they keep all the profits.

Next you can write a promotional email for the coupon and email it to the customer list. It is so easy but hardly any small business does this. They are sitting on a gold mine if they have even a small customer email list.

I could make a full time living just setting up these little promotions. The demand is huge.

Not many business owners say no to Saving MONEY and Making 80% more in profits. These little advertising campaigns are quick to write and build.

This kind of writing doesn’t take a college degree. You don’t even have to be a super writer to write an email or one page of copy for a coupon.

It’s funny, I have never taken a writing course in years. And I still sit down every Monday and write a 20 page report for the week. After a year I have 52 helpful reports all over the internet. People share them. They send more people to my websites.

My writing isn’t perfect. It isn’t college writing, instead I write for the average person in the USA. Most people hate reading, so easy reading is key. You only need to write at a 6th grade level and you can reach everyone.

You can make a really nice living if you learn how to make your writing pay off.

I believe anybody could do this.

So how would you get started writing for a living?

You should explore these top 12 markets where you could turn your writing into a full time in a year or less.

I thank George from WritingPaychecks, they are the ones who put this list together and let me pass it on here.

Market 1 : Article Writing

Right now there are thousands of companies out there that need content to put on their blogs and websites. Online the demand is huge for content writers. You can easily find work writing those simple blog posts and articles. Every single website that wants to be at the top of Google needs fresh and helpful articles to add to their websites.

Most people hate writing so you can easily find plenty of opportunities to sell your writing services. You can go to freelance websites and find gigs today. All it takes is 30 minutes to set up your profile on those sites. Share some samples and look professional. Companies go to those websites daily looking for writers.

You will have to start off selling low until you have some experience and happy clients. When you have good reviews, you will be getting busier and busier and now you can raise your prices.

Now in your free time, you can also be writing on the side for yourself. Plenty of people make money writing on Medium.com – choose any topic and start writing about it and post that to your Medium blog. Build a following and then you can lock some of your articles and start charging people to read them.

There are so many topics that people have problems they will pay to solve. If you would like some insider tips on how to use Medium.com to make money and get traffic to any website, grab this training.

Market 2 : Write Biographies or Memoirs For People

This opportunity is very lucrative. There are many people who want to write a book about their life. They have a story to tell but don’t know enough about writing to get it done quickly. They just don’t have the writing ability or the time to sit down and write a book. Now here is a secret, most biographies are not even written by the author. They are ghostwriting by a real writer and that could be you.

You can still be getting credit as the co-author. It isn’t hard to ghostwrite biographies. Interview the person, take lots of notes and prepare an outline. Now you craft the biography and add to it. You are telling their story and the message they want to get out there. Not very difficult at all, it’s not like you are making up a story. The facts are all right in front of you.

It is simple enough that you could skip writing it and simply be the consultant who shows them how to write it themselves. You can make $1000 just teaching them. But the beauty of this is that you can record your coaching sessions. So after the first person, you have a product you can sell online. A simple “How to Write Your Biography in 14 days” course to sell 24/7.

Market 3 : Blogging

There are millions of blogs online today and they all need content constantly. Did you know, most of them don’t write all those blog posts? They pay others to write the content because they just don’t have the time to write 5 blog posts a week by themselves.

It is worth it to hire writers for the content. Because each page on a blog can make you hundreds of dollars over time. You could easily write for 3 or 4 blogs a week and earn full time wages. Writing for 2 or 3 hours a day is all it takes. Make even more money by finding guest blog spots on other blogs and writing guest posts for others.

My tip would be to have a website of your own that promotes your writing skills and services. You will look more professional and get more jobs. Sell packages to businesses. 4 posts a month, 8 posts a month or I will find you 4 Guest Blog Post spots and write the blog for you each month. People will pay for these types of services.

Market 4 : Create Book Proposals for Authors

Every time an author wants to get a book published they need a book proposal. They need to sell the book to a publishing company to get a contract. Book proposals need to include an overview about the book, detailed market research and competitive analysis but most important, why the book needs to be written and published.

Proposals need to be persuasive and very detailed with real data that sells the book and proves there is an adequate audience out there. You can work for a variety of authors when you get good at writing proposals that are effective.

My tip is to focus on the results. Get them successful book deals and you will have clients for life. Not all of them will get a deal every time. But your success rate is proof you know what you are doing.

Market 5 : Sales Copywriting

Writing sales copy that can convert visitors into customers is a huge market today. Every website needs great copy to stay alive in the marketplace. Copywriting is a skill that any writer can learn and get great at. There is all kinds of training out there online. Courses, books and even videos will teach you enough copy skills to be effective.

It takes practice but you can learn how to write great sales copy, just by researching what is already out there. Find 10 super successful products and swipe those sales letters. You can learn what is successful and begin to write your own copy.

There is so much need for good copy today. You can focus on sales letters or writing emails and promotions. Headlines, titles and slogans are desperately needed. You could make a full time business out of writing compelling product descriptions for Amazon seller.

All it takes is practice and getting results for a few clients so you can prove you know what you are doing. As soon as you have happy clients and testimonials, customers will be coming to you daily. This is high writing that pays well.

Know your results and keep details on your successful copy. What was the conversion rate before your copy and what was it after? You need to be able to prove you got someone great results and to put a value on it.

Market 6 : Creative Writing

There are also lots of ways to make writing being creative. There is a need for ghostwriters who can write a fiction book or come up with new songs. Comics need new jokes. Advertising agencies need new jingles and greeting card copy. People need writers for just about every business out there.

Most people are not creative so if you are that’s a great way to write for a living. Plus it is a lot more fun than writing product descriptions for days.

Make sure you have a website online so people can find you and see what you can do. Add links to your prior work and show off your best results you have achieved.

Build an email list of your own. Your audience of fans who will watch what you are doing and find your new offers. Use your copywriting skills to sell your own services. This is a business so you need to start from scratch and build it out. More products, more proof of your abilities and an easy way to buy something from you.

It will grow slowly at first but in no time you will have more business than you can handle. So stay in touch with other writers so you can hand off the clients you don’t have time for.

Introducing other writers to your clients is another service in demand. It is hard to find the great writers out there.

Market 7 : Write E books

People might say the market for e books is dead but you would be surprised. The demand for e books on specific topics is huge. Businesses need e books to spread the message. To show what they can do and reach more new leads. You can use a free e book to introduce a new solution.

You can make a full time writing books for professionals who want a book of their own. Real estate agents, lawyers even dentists want to look like an authority. Being an author with a book provides credibility. They sell without needing to sell. Appearance is everything today.

Don’t forget to write e books for yourself. You can write good e books on topics and include affiliate links that pay you.

Write Kindle books on fiction or non fiction and build up your collection of books you wrote. These can make you look like a pro writer.

Choose one category and become the leading author in it.

How To books will always sell if you have a great title and book cover. Focus on the biggest sellers already out there. That is where the demand is.

Market 8 : Be an Editor

Good editors are vital for anyone who creates content. And people pay well for editing and proof reading. There are millions of things written daily that all need to be edited by a pro. All you have to do is have the ability to take content and make it clear and concise.

They will pay you to tidy up writing that is already done so it is even easier to do. If you have a good eye for detail and can be fast. Get involved in the writing community and join groups of writers. Make lots of friends and you will have no shortage of other writers who need editors.

Even the best writer will miss some errors in their own works. You just don’t even see them, so the need for editors is definitely there.

Market 9 : Become an expert at Email Marketing

Email marketing is huge today. Every successful business uses it to grow and stay in touch with customers. It is very profitable for a business. So they are more willing to pay writers to keep the new content coming. The need for emails and newsletters can be a full time business quickly.

Email marketing produces incredible return on investment. For every dollar a business spends on email marketing they can make over $40 back. It’s hugely profitable.

If you can write converting emails or newsletters for a business they will happily pay your fee. The demand is there.
For someone to build a new email list for them. And write promotional emails that get new business.

But don’t stop there, you can have an email list of your own and send out a monthly newsletter that provides products and services that solve peoples problems. Email lists are super profitable when done right.

Create monthly packages for your clients. 10 new emails a month. 1 new report and 10 emails a month. 4 reports and 40 emails. Sell them cheap and you can upsell them later. Get the client in your house and they will stick with you for other things later.

The need for regular emails never ends. Constant demand means you can earn a full time income just writing emails that take you an hour or two.

Market 10 : Ghostwriting

You have to put your ego aside when ghostwriting. It is not about you at all. The only thing that matters is making the client happy. Write what they want. Their name is going to be on this content.

Anything can be ghostwritten. Reports, emails, books, speeches, articles and even screenplays. A lot of people just don’t have the time to become a great writer. A lot of people can’t sit down and write books.

This is great for a professional writer like you. You are providing a valuable service by getting that book done.

Build up your portfolio and your name will be known in a short amount of time. Help them write a great book but let them decide what they want. Join freelancer websites to find new jobs and to find clients looking for ghostwriting. Price yourself lower when you start to get those first few clients.

Market 11 : PLR or Private Label Rights

This is a huge area for writers today. Writing content for others to use is popular. You write one thing and sell it to 100 people at one time. Let them use that content however they want. Blog posts, reports or articles that they have the right to use as their own.

It is a great way to buy researched content. They can quickly rewrite it so it is unique and put it up online. You did the hard part and gathered the research for them.

Website owners will buy this day and night on popular topics.

Instead of writing an e book and selling 100 copies over the next year. You can sell PLR rights to it to 100 people in one day and make $1000. Choosing a great topic is the key. See where the demand is and fill it.

Crypto is trending right now, jump on the trend and start selling Crypto PLR article packs. Weight loss never goes out of style there is always a need for PLR on dieting.

Your PLR buyers will come back every month for your next pack of PLR. You can set up a quick membership site that sells monthly PLR topic packs. You will quickly have a recurring membership income with this simple writing method.

Market 12 : Use Revenue Sharing Sites

Did you know there are lots of websites that want your content to build their website for them. And they will pay you for your content based on how many people read your stuff. This is great for you because not only are you getting paid per read, your name is getting attention.

You can build your writer reputation just by posting great content on these websites. You will get your name out there and build an audience that likes your work. Get them over to your website and to join your email list.

Now you are getting paid to build an audience of your own. You have somewhere to send your prospective clients so they can see proof. It can be your whole portfolio and they will see you can get readers to take action.

These sites build every month you post content. It is passive income after awhile. Once you have 100 articles out there, you will get traffic for years. Earning you money for work you did long ago.

Bonus Market 13 : Content Writer

People will pay you to write content for their platforms. Social media is huge and growing creating the need for lots of written content. Every Facebook page needs new posts and Twitter need multiple tweets a day to be effective marketing tools.

These are short little blurbs and slogans that are quick to write. Think helpful advice and promotions that get people to click. Requires good headline skills to get attention. While leading the reader to click to visit the link. Without being salesy or pushy.

You are building a businesses reputation so every thing needs to make them look good and trustworthy. Audience building means turning someone new into a fan of the business.

Build a social media empire of your own that looks great as your showcase. Have your own website that offers your social media content for sale. You can also add social media management into your business. Some businesses will want you to take over their pages and run the whole thing. Engaging with visitors and answering questions.

This can turn into a lucrative business just posting content and moderating a group or page. Very easy work to do. You wouldn’t need more than 4 businesses paying you $1000 a month to have a simple business.

There are even more ways to make money writing. If you want to see 21 more ways to market your writing skills, check out WritersPaycheck for even more information on starting your writing business quickly. They can even get you your first writing job so you can get started this week.