Is There A Good Auto-responder Alternative?

Here is a good alternative to auto-responders that cost a lot of money as your list size grows. You aren’t the only one looking for a good auto-responder alternative.

Technically, it isn’t an auto-responder but it lets you do even more valuable things. You can send emails to your list with it. You can embed an opt in form on websites so people can subscribe.

But it does a lot more…

…host as many free and paid newsletters you want
…host a podcast
…host an email archive page(don’t even need a website)
…set up a new list, start writing emails, send people to read and sign up to your list
…when ready add a paid newsletter(for a tiny cut of each sale, they run the payments for you)
… Run newsletters for free! Zero expenses!
…send a welcome email on signup and deliver a freebie gift

The only thing you can’t do is send a long campaign of emails on autopilot. But you can load in all your emails and schedule them to post later. So instead of people getting emails like this- 24 hours send, 24 hours send, wait 1 week and send, wait 3 days and send in a sequence. This mailing service sends based on the date and time only.

I thought this might be a problem but you know, sending one email every couple days works just fine. I send mon/wed/fri and simply write an email in the morning on those days and hit send.

The reason this works much better than an auto-responder is the fact that you can stay current. Your old auto responder sequences can get stale. The links might not be good any more. The affiliate product may be off market.

Now it is a huge job going into a 100 email sequence and fixing all those emails

Sending each day, keeps what you are writing about fresh and today’s news. People prefer that. Sending each day keeps you in the loop. You know tomorrow how that email did? How many replies you got? What your subscribers are clicking on?

You can pivot and change things as needed to improve with every email you send. Without having to wonder when your subscriber got a specific email in your sequence.

You can stay on top of things when you email market like this. Highly recommend you try it out. It really makes everything easier.

But it gets better – it costs you nothing every month. They handle all the tech. They send the emails.

This is so much easier than setting up campaigns in an auto-responder. You know how many steps it takes to add emails to a sequence. How many buttons are they going to make you click, just to type in an email and schedule it. Aggravating!

With this alternative to an auto-responder, just type your email and schedule or send. Hit send! That’s all the steps

So where is this free alternative to an auto-responder?

.com is the new and improved email newsletter platform.
I have been using it for a year now. The emails get delivered and people visit my newsletter archives page and keep reading them. For friggin free!

It just doesn’t get better than that in my opinion

is the free unlimited auto responder of your dreams.

It makes publishing an email newsletter extremely easy. Plus it is another back-link to your website.

You can add affiliate links to your emails and start earning some income.

I suggest you try it out and set up a free newsletter and an exclusive paid newsletter with your very best stuff.

The paid newsletter setup is pretty simple they collect the money for you. You can offer a trial signup promo to get people to try your paid newsletter.

Paid newsletter are great because you have recurring income every month from every subscriber. Just keep giving them great content.

I consider it the best free good auto-responder alternative out there

Try it out if you are looking for a free auto responder for affiliate marketing.

is probably a good choice to use if you need a free unlimited auto-responder. This works a little different but the payoff is you have no expenses for your business.

Free email auto responders are going to cost you one way or the other. Eventually, you will need options that cost money every single month.

So what are the downsides to Substack?

Well, the instructions are not too intuitive. There are a ton of things you can do with the platform. But figuring out the setup is a little hard to do. You really need a little help getting it setup best.

You’ll be missing out on a lot of options if you set this up on your own.

There is a short video course here that walks you through Substack setup in under an hour.

Grab it here and then use Substack to it’s fullest with no headaches.

how to use substack

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