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Take these Internet Marketing Ideas and Put Them To Use in 2022

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48.  Content in 2021  Large is better. Beat your competition with a better page

Poll your visitors to see what they want

Live chat is helpful when you start getting visitors

groups are huge now – consider setting up a closed fb group for your website

1 great post to group a week at least – one live scheduled each month in group

Video is more popular – people don’t like to read much anymore

49.   How can you add recurring revenue to your business?

It is a great way to know you have a certain amount coming in even if you don’t do anything.  Stabilizes your .  Build it into your business.  Membership site, newsletter, content packs etc.  All your products and your email list should point to your recurring offer.

Get paid to build member content – put your products in there.

Limit the duration so you don’t scare buyers away.  People don’t like paying forever.  6 months?  9 months? 12 months?  Most people leave after 7 months anyway.

Build a small content membership site with videos, pdf’s, basic products that match your customers wants and needs.  Ask them what they want and give it to them.

Find your competitors’ slow selling but still great products and ask to giveaway in your membership site.

50.  Offer PLR content packs as a product

Great way to make money every month to the same customer.  Everybody needs more good content.  If you can get 100 paying customers at $20/month that’s $2000 in revenue.

Content is an easier sale.  They know what they are getting.

30 articles a month for $30

16 emails a month for $20

Special report a month for $40

4 newsletters a month for $40

2 videos a month for $75

51.  Don’t just have commercial promotional content on your blog

Mix it up with fun non commercial posts as well and share others content too.

52.  Give your product away for free on social media to get testimonials

Testimonials help on your sales pages.  Ask them for feedback and use the great ones for reviews and testimonials.  Offer them something extra for giving a review.

53.  Don’t offend your customers by only offering cheap prices.  In some niches, you should try offering your higher ticket products first and down sell them.  What’s your prospects budget?

54.  Don’t be afraid to give away good content without requiring an opt in.  Test giving it away.  Make sure you have promo links in the content.  Great special deals work.

55.  4 Ways a Local Business can post on Social

  1.  Post a screenshot of new reviews they received
  2. Pin a FAQ post on the top of fb page
  3. Have a special offer for August or a (holiday)(event)(charity)  Every month has special days – National onion ring day  -nationaldaycalendar.com
  4. Post news and what’s happening at the office

Boost a post every week, it’s cheap and gets eyeballs.  Get your likes and follows up.  Nobody likes a page with no likes.

56.  Thinking about doing starting an offline marketing agency

Think twice.  It is not easy to contact small business owners and convince them to do more online marketing. Imagine how hectic it is having 100 bosses complaining and arguing with you.

It can be a very hard business to get into.

It takes lots of phone calls and follow ups.  And meetings. And getting past the gatekeeper.

Any business is getting tons of calls from marketing agencies.  They really get tired of it and make it difficult for you.  They don’t trust agencies and they don’t want to spend money.  Local marketing takes a solid plan and patience until you get your first 10 good clients.  Testimonials and referrals make all the difference.

If you insist on local marketing, here are a few :

Position yourself as an expert.  Large established business not a freelancer.

Tell them this isn’t for everyone.  You don’t take any and all clients.  Lead with some great content.  Brand your agency well( brochures, business cards, letterhead, presentation and website).

Help them first.  Give them something. Free training.  Samples. Show proof. 

57.  Design your best customer

They need to be able to afford your products.

Help and serve customers who are already successful(has sales) not someone just getting started. 

Decide where you are taking them.  Use the value ladder. Multiple price points available.

You can start at the top and downsell.  Don’t offend them by offering a $7 product if they have the budget for your higher ticket products.

Look at what others are successfully selling right now.  Who is advertising over and over?

Sell a similar product the same way they are.

58.  Use paid ads for faster results

Free traffic is more expensive because it burns up time and effort.  You can take a year with free traffic and accomplish the same results compared to 3 months with paid traffic.   Plus you can test new offers faster and find what works. Businesses who succeed advertise constantly.

59.  3 Simple business plans

Agency 1– 

Find leads who have broken websites, or no website or no Google My Business profile. Or are making marketing mistakes you notice.

Reach out to them and offer to show them how to fix one issue quickly.

Bad website?  Show them screenshots of competitors’ sites. Show them a screenshot of their new website(demo).  

Help them for free first to get in the door.  Value.  What’s in it for them?  Give them a quick result.

Ask a lot of questions and prescribe some solutions.

Products you can offer over time-  SEO, content, social media management, email marketing, videos, Advertising campaigns, Create eBooks, blog posts and build them a list.  Fix their GMB and get them more reviews.  Backlinks and citations.

Go to freelance sites like upwork.com and find companies already looking for help!  Warm leads

Go to job sites and find people looking to hire an employee.

::Unique Idea::  That costs you nothing except time

Create a Youtube channel and video for a local business and SEO it to number 1 for keyword.

Like “Dentist Las Vegas”  Put a “Call if you would like to take this channel over” notice on video description.

Pay someone else to call them and tell them about the video.  

They call you to take it over.  You add their contact info and ad to the video.  You sell them the channel.

Agency 2 –

This is an agency where you don’t have to do as much work.

Build a marketing contact site for a specific type of business.  Dentist, Chiro, Roofer, Plumber

Have lots of great blog posts that teach.

Setup lead magnets and lists.

Give them all kinds of ideas of what to do to grow their business.

Offer packages  Basic Training to Platinum Training products.  It is all one product, just break up your Best product into smaller versions that cost less.

Build up a list for each niche: email marketing, SEO, Social media and content marketing

Segment  with tags.  So you can market to the specific niche later.

Get paying customers on a separate list –  Most valuable – Offer to do it for them and get others to Service the buyers(white label).

That is an agency that markets to many at once.

Advertise your free content to grow.

You can advertise in publications, to association groups and events.  Give things away at chamber of commerce meetings.

Agency 3-  Offer to build a blog for established businesses

Add it alongside the website they already have.  Better SEO with a blog, you can have pages for loads of keywords. They can show their expertise and authority.  They can help more people with less work. 

They can sell other products, even infoproducts 24/7  365 days a year.

They make money when they are on vacation or the office is closed.

Build them a quick customized blog.

Help them think of additional products they can sell.

Help them build an online store.

Show them a demo blog that looks great.

Bonus agency idea

Create a 2 hour Agency –  instead of a large content filled website build a quick one pager.


One product/Service

3 Packages to choose from

Buy buttons on the page

Ridiculous offer!  No-Brainer

No wasting time with consultations

No physical meetings

No Prospecting

No Phone calls or cold emails

They come to you and buy because of the ridiculous offer alone.

You can offer any service like Video Creation.

This is the product, this is what it does, these are the benefits and this is how you get it.

Have a great checkout page with order bumps and an upsell for more of the same.

60.    Social Posting service

Offer social media posting and content creation

4 services – Scheduling Posts $199/month – Website $199/m – Email newsletter $199/m – 2 Videos $499/month

Need to build your website, email list and freebie report, demo example FB page, video presentations for your niche client and a way to get paid(cart).

Create your business framework – workflow- what needs to get done for a client – write out all the steps in detail (so you can outsource and scale)  

Break your framework up into an ebook for each section that you can offer for sale.  Show them how to do everything in excruciating detail.  At the end of the book, offer your services.

Get 2 clients your first month

Get 2 more your second month.

Fine tune your framework and methods.

Get testimonials – Super bargains for your first five clients – ask them what they want to buy

Sit down and have lunch with one of your prospects – learn about their business and how they market already.  Don’t sell to this person,  you are researching the business to learn and get their expertise.  Let them talk. Learn what pains they have in that type of business.

When contacting your leads – Give a free gift ( 10 free customized image posts)  Tell them to use them on FB.  Give a link to your video presentation and brochure.  Leave.  Email or phone next week.

You can find leads at chamber of commerce meetings, from web design agencies and association events.

Close with “ Would you like help with that?  All we need is a deposit to get started.”

Quick and dirty Social Posting framework


Email client – Welcome – What we need to get started (contact person, FB page, Your logo) & add us as editor on your page.

Get your images done – watermark with clients logo

Upload to Amazon S3  – add client bucket – upload images -set images to public

Add image links to spreadsheet and add text blurbs to spreadsheet

Postplanner.com  – connect to client fb page – upload spreadsheet of posts – choose recycle posts and shuffle posts- check posts and move any as needed so you get a good flow

Verify the post goes out tomorrow.

Email client when posting starts.

Check posts still working weekly.

Schedule follow up call out 4 weeks from start

At 4 weeks – Rebill or send paypal invoice – ask client to join recurring payment plan.

At 6 weeks – Check in with client to see if they need any more help with marketing

Get clients by giving them a GMB report, SEO Audit or Website Audit for free.

Send them a competitor comparison report on video.

Sales page for Chiropractor Social Posting

Why do I help chiropractors?

The main problems with social media

The common pains of not solving this

What I discovered


Special introductory or Beta Access Deal

61.  Restaurant Social Check-Ins System

Table topper advertising Free Appetizers for checking in on Facebook now

Restaurant gets action on Facebook.  Patrons get to show off where they are eating.

Most FB users have 200 friends to see that Check-IN.

More people see that others are going to and recommending the restaurant.

$299/month to set up, print table toppers and deliver new ones every month.

Let’s take another break and let these ideas you just read marinate overnight. Let your brain work and find new ideas of your own.

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