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24.     Sell more affiliate products by offering bonuses

           You will sell 3 times the amount.   People look for bonuses and you create your own scarcity when you limit your bonus opportunity.  Must be related to the product, not just anything.


   Make your emails fun and interesting.  Educate and entertain.  Always be helping.  Sending straight promos constantly burns people out fast.

Promos – use a 7 email series with different angles in each.  Small steps get them down the path.  Most people need to see something 7 times before they are ready to buy.    

Emails are stepping stones.  Stick with it.  Plan ahead for upcoming launches.

   26.    Fill in autoresponder gaps, with evergreen products.  With your bonuses.

   27.    Put all your promos up on your blog.

   28.    Post your best working emails to facebook.  Rewrite them to not be overly salesy, just tell people it is available and about your bonus.  No links in the fb post.  Put the link in the comments.

29.  Sell something on your bonus page

30.  How to get your buyers list fast

Sell low priced offers first  – even $1 is a buyer.  It is worth it to have them on your list.

Give simple things away for free.  Help them solve a problem.  Ask them what they want to buy?  Build it and Sell it.  Offer them a Screaming Deal to get on your buyers list.

With your buyers list… Sell right from the beginning.  Super low price.  Move them up the ladder from there.  Tell them it is available.  Not pushy.  Not for everyone.

31.  Use affiliates to sell your products..  Never need to pay for traffic.

Although paying them 50% commission is more expensive than ads.  They have the people already.  And they are buyers.

32.  Easy Email Segmentation and Promo

Link out to new topic squeeze page in your emails. Get them to re-optin for it. Segment for you.

Promotions : All one product for a week.  Different angles.  Just tell a story in first email.  Direct promo in Day#2 using problem, solution, benefits and link. 

Day#3 newsletter with and one link. Day 4 no email.  Day 5 – new angle promo, Day 6 - and recap 1 promo link.  Day 7 no email.  Next week, something else.

33.  3 Simple Pages Business

Funnel  1.  Opt-in(free guide/video) 2. Bonus/Thank You page with 4 new special deals(offers)  3. Download page – more offers 

Send followup emails- rotate your offers and find the best ones.  Keep testing to find what works best.

Get in front of the right people.

This type of business doesn’t require lots of creation.  Simply drive traffic and keep testing.

Great for fitness/health, dating, insurance, biz op.  Use offervault.com to find offers to promote.

45 minute setup for the whole business.

34.  Niche sites for top selling amazon products

Research competitors and build better pages.

WordPress pro theme that looks great.

Custom Banner on top.

Write content – Article every 2 days Review every 3 days.

Build SEO links slowly but steadily.  Citations on directories, pages on social media, youtube reviews point at your website.  Regular updates.

Optional tip:  build a good niche authority site without ads.  Link out to your affiliate properties.  Sites on different web hosts with different owner information.  Different themes.  A host in a different country also keeps them looking separate.

You can go deep with this and set up a youtube channel without ads and get people to opt in instead.  Or send people from one channel without ads to one with advertisements.

35.  Product Launch Reviews

Create review videos on youtube  5-10 minutes long.

Tell about your bonuses

Embed video on your blog

Get them on an email list if possible

36.   Snowball Effect

Post articles, pdf’s, guest posts all over the place.  Share your content far and wide. Your videos can be on 10 different  platforms.  Easier to tell people about them on facebook and twitter if it doesn’t look like spam/self-promotion all the time.  You are sending people all over the place.  Friendly advice. But it still leads to your stuff.

Use domain redirects for your links so you can change where they go at any time.  I can’t tell you how many links I have online that no longer work.  But I don’t even remember where they are to change them.  [Keep good records 😉 ]

37.   Building Quality web 2.0 properties can be a source of traffic.  Buy backlinks on fiverr to point at your properties.  Also backlinks to your youtube videos can help.

38.  Use a good keyword tool to find low competition keywords that get steady traffic.

39.  Answer questions on Quora and build up your reputation there.   Research the question on google and write out a great answer.  Every once in a while drop a link to a related page on your blog.  The more good answers you give, the more links you can post.

40.  What is John Crestani’s Secret?

His training is similar to people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins, Lewis Howes, Casey Neistat, Victor Antonio and Grant Cardone.  High production quality.

Niche – youtube video(60 minute webinar) – Review – Recommendation – Link – Sale

41.  Make a list of to grow your business

With a goal of $200 a day. << Put this on a sticky note and stick to your computer or desk.  Look at it constantly.

What can you do right now that could lead to $5 a day in revenue?  Make a big list and start knocking them out.

10-15 product adwords promos once a week

Write blog posts to post later

Build another web property

Setup new web hosting account

Build another funnel site

Order articles on fiverr or another freelance site

Test out a new article writer or two – find good writers

Research on your keyword tool to find new opportunities

Find new PLR to use in your business

Brainstorm new ways to use your PLR

Research new offers

Research competitors online – what are they doing and what do they keep doing

Build more pages on your websites or publish more posts

Write a report

Share your reports and videos

Ask for feedback on your report and videos

Give back to communities you are a part of – simple gift

Build 5 more backlinks

Find a new forum to join

Find a new facebook group to join 

Make new friends on social media – don’t pitch ask questions

What could you place an ad on craigslist for?

Add another niche to your business – always be looking and write them down

Research what is hot now

What new products are coming out soon?

Research products and figure out a way to build a better one of your own

Research what people are asking questions about

Talk to one of your marketer friends and see what they are doing

Place another ad

Post to facebook

Create new graphics on canva – ads, blog post images, banners, facebook posts

Research on muncheye and look at new salespages out there

Build a new squeeze page – 5 part email course/report 5 follow up promo emails Tell a story on the squeeze page, story continues when they opt in.  Buy two ads this month for it.

Need money?  What service can you offer on freelance sites?  Do the work and make money.

42.  Have a Marketing Game Plan Written Down

Write down who you are and who you serve.  You choose your own niche. Especially if you focus on only one. You become unique.  You can explain what you do.

Write down your business goals. And your financial goals.  And why you want them.  What is your reason you do what you do?

What is your skill set?  You get more results if you focus on one method of marketing at a time.

Use a daily planner and fill it out ahead of time.   Do it on Sunday for the whole week.  But definitely do tomorrow, tonight before you go to bed.  Have a Schedule Daily!

Decide what you want to master.   Forums and blogs.  Youtube. Podcasts. Advertising.

Review sites. Email marketing. Instagram.  Facebook.  Focus on only ONE until you are succeeding.

The better you learn to communicate the bigger your wallet will be.  Take a Toastmasters class and get good at communication.

43.  Use Attraction Marketing

Look professional and have lots of great useful content.

All about them and what they want.  Give it to them but lead them somewhere specific.  What are you trying to accomplish?  Take them down an easy road.  Tell stories.  Don’t sell.  Get them to ask questions.  Build the relationship first.  Be helpful.  Not pushy

Post niche videos on your profile. Talk about what you are doing and using in your business.  Talk a little about your personal life.  It makes you human.

44.  Write a great article for syndication only..  Make a list of top 50 blogs in niche and offer the article of your great tips for them to use.  Blogs always need great content, link to a good free offer in your bio.  

45.  Use Press Releases to get Attention

That can quickly get your page noticed and ranked high on google.  Especially low competition keywords.

46.  5 Profit Levels for Marketers

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Niche Sites
  3. Your own products
  4. Major Product Launches
  5. Premium Products – High Ticket

Building email lists will help in all of these levels.

47.  Building a New Website – things to remember

Choose your niche first

Keyword research

Decide on your primary goal

Check out competition

Catchy domain name- name generator at namemesh.com

Make sure there is lots you can talk about

Buy main domain 

Setup hosting

Setup email address

Build site  – make sure it is mobile ready  More people surf on mobile today than desktop

Optimize images

Custom graphics so you are unique

Setup footer pages -privacy, terms, disclaimers, about, contact, support desk, gdpr, cookie consent

Add google voice phone number – makes you look legit

Add a physical address – makes you look legit

Setup autoresponder – list – get opt-in popup code

Add analytics

Build social presence and connect to them – fb, linkedin, instagram, pinterest, twitter  If you are going to be active on them

Every time you post add to social media pages

Make sure and test your site for loading speed and any errors.

Setup Yoast SEO if wordpress site and use it on every post

You want a fast loading page


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