How to Start A Niche Site video

I found this video a couple of years ago and it has loads of tips that show you exactly what to do if you want to learn .

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Watch and take notes so you don’t miss anything.

You really don’t want to spend 3 hours watching this video 3 times. Take notes the first time.

These guys know their stuff and are good teachers.

It’ll really help you choose a niche topic for your blog. Finding the niche topic is usually what most people waste a lot of time on. You have to pick one and get started.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting forever to decide.

Just choose something that has a good chance of being profitable. And get it going this month.

Your first niche site is a learning experience for you. Give it 6 months of real focus and do the work to get 30-40 pages of good useful content.

Hey, not all of your websites will be money makers. So don’t worry about it and fail to get started. Websites are cheap businesses to start. It’s not like you are renting a building and hiring employees.

It’s your first one. Just give it your best effort and see how things go.

Once you learn how it all works, you can quickly build another one in another niche.

The basics are the same in the niche site business.

This is a really good video on niche sites and getting started.

You can do this!

Choose a niche topic you like to write about.

Learn as much as you can about the niche for a few weeks.

Find affiliate products for the niche (solve problems)

Write 5 initial articles, get your affiliate links and images, buy a domain name and get hosting.

Build your niche site. Just make it look good not perfect. Post your first 5 articles and monetize with affiliate product links. (don’t go overboard)

Make a list of 50 keyword phrases. Start a good post for each keyword. Create new posts regularly every week.

Be patient and wait for your traffic numbers to grow. You will probably have to post for 90 days before you start seeing growth. So don’t stress about it. Getting will take time.

an article every day is a lot easier than going to a 9 to 5 job. That article might make you hundreds of dollars over time. You are making an investment for your future.

Patience and not giving up is the secret with a new niche site.

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