How To Drive Free Traffic With Facebook

So every Guru out there is telling you to stop with the free traffic daily content creating never ending grind and just buy traffic. Why do they tell you to use paid traffic?  Number one reason is once you learn how to drive free traffic with Facebook, you don’t need to buy their product.

Paid traffic success is hard for beginners. You will lose money for 2 months before you figure out what will make you a profit. Facebook will suck all the money you have out of your bank account. They will spend as much as you give them, and rarely do you profit.

It takes flipping $1’000’s in ads before you figure out what you are doing and find a winning campaign. The gurus know this, and know after you lose $500 in ad spend testing, you will want to learn how to do paid ads. And they just happen to have a $500 course to sell you.

The whole space is designed to create demand for products. The whole system is set up to teach you just enough to be dangerous but not enough to succeed. At least not without another course they sell.

See, to do well with paid ads, you need to test and find what is going to work for you. You can copy another ad that is out there (most do this) but unless you see the back-end you will miss out on the profitable part. You don’t even know if that ad is making money.

With ads, you are testing and learning what works for you. It’s expensive testing. Ads only get more expensive as time moves along. You need a solid funnel with back-end products to profit with ads. The first purchase rarely pays enough to cover your ad spend.

Let’s try another way…

Free traffic from is possible.

But it takes time to get going. You can’t do what most businesses try. Just promoting your stuff directly is not going to work. People hate being sold. They are on Facebook for fun and entertainment.

If you go into a popular FB group and start posting links to your stuff, you will get hate back instead. The group owner is going to hate you, the members are going to hate you, you just spammed the group.

You can build a following or audience of people of your own if you do things the right way. Do not sell directly.

You need to build a group of people(friends) that are interested in your topic and who like and trust you.

Doing this doesn’t have to take months. Doing this doesn’t mean spending 40 hours a week on Facebook. (That would drive you crazy)

They call it for a reason, you have to be social and interact with people. That is what people go there for. Not to buy your products. It is fun time for most people.

If you give people what they want (encouragement and acknowledgement), they can’t help but to start liking you. Now not everyone, there are haters out there. You don’t need everyone, just the ones who listen to you.

All you have to do is start joining groups with people who are your target prospect. Go in those groups 4 times a day for 15 minutes and answer questions. Make great comments on other peoples posts and help them out.

That can just be a like and a short comment that will make the poster feel good. Appreciate a great post. Tell them they are right. Now as the weeks go by, and you keep telling them how good they are doing, naturally they begin to recognize your name.

They will start checking out your profile and clicking your links. They will start liking your posts. They feel like they are your friend already. Now start friending these people who are interacting with you.

Build up those relationships by being personable and friendly. Instead of sending them your pitch, ask them how they are doing and what they are up to. Ask them where they are stuck in business. Offer free help and advice.

Eventually, one of these friends is going to ask you questions and you can tell them what you do. Wait til they ask.

This is a slower process, but it will pay off in the end with more sales for you.

Start doing this today.

  1.  Join some new groups with lots of activity and members.Lurk for a day or so to see what goes on.

2.  Most groups will introduce new members once a week and you have a chance to introduce yourself and tell a little bit about what you are            doing.    Don’t pitch in this post.

3.  Now start liking and commenting on a few posts a day. Answering questions with solid answers for free.

4.    Engage and help others out first.

5.   Start posting a few helpful advice posts of your own. Answering the common questions. Create a few google docs or spreadsheets that help and offer them to people. Do not give the link until people request it. Just tell them you have one if they want it.

Message the group owner and ask them for permission to post your documents(no links in them, other than your blog home page) Most will let you post it as long as it is helpful.

Whatever you do never poach members for your own group. Just make lots of new friends and use your profile posts to get them to join your group or page.

Audience Building 101

If you add 10 friends a day, you will have 300 followers by the end of the month. That my friend is an audience. Now just keep in touch with your new friends and show an interest in them. Be curious and offer your help wherever you can.

Stay active in the groups and post good content there. People notice who is doing good content. And who is spamming there stuff.

On your profile don’t just post promotional be real and post stories of what you are doing. What’s going on in your life? What kind of results are you getting? Posting a simple image of your sales numbers or affiliate is valuable to others. It is motivational and will draw attention.

As long as you don’t pitch in the same post. Lead your people down a path and take them on a journey.

Think journey…

Post one – I’m thinking about trying this. What are your thoughts?

Post 2 – I took what you guys said and set up a new offer and landing page. This is what it looks like – images or a quick video. What do you guys think?

Post 3 – I ran a test and posted this post”_____” in this group. here are my results 25 clicks 10 opt ins 0 sales. Does anyone see any problems with my strategy?

Post 4 – Took your feedback and changed the headline to this “______________”. Made a new post and the results have doubled. Including 3 $19 sales! Holy smokes!

Post 5 – Just wrote a step by step guide for my process, comment below if you want to read it.

See how the path leads them to the ultimate next step for the reader to take?

Most people get no results on Facebook because…

They do one and done posts – lead to nowhere

Promotional posts all the time

They don’t want to make friends

Boring content without opinions – People read to find out your opinion

As soon as someone agrees to be a friend, they slam them with offers – it’s almost begging when you do that

If you ask them questions and help them out,

now they are happy to be your friend.

Don’t neglect this if you want to build an audience on . Because in just a few months you will now have 900 friends. People that listen to what you say!

You just became valuable. You now can ask 900 people what they want to buy. You can pre-sell a new offer of yours before you create it.

Once they tell you what they want, you are able to sell it to them first.

This is so much better, it’s almost a guarantee your product will sell. This is why spending an hour a day on Facebook can finally make you some money.

Waiting 3 months for your audience to grow is a lot better than blowing $2000 in Facebook ads in the hope you hit a winner.

Those friends are yours as long as you continue to treat them right. Find out what they want and give it to them on your squeeze page( Facebook Friends). Now they are on your email list. You got them to like you and pulled them into your personal audience(list).

By the end of this year you could have a mailing list of nearly 4000 people. Simple and easy and for Free.

Here is where it gets good…Audience Building 201

You have 4000 people telling you what they need help with. Your next product is going to sell. This is when the money gets great. Because those 4000 people who like you have 200 friends each. They will naturally share your best content, especially if you ask them to.

Now you are going viral and they will tell others about you. Now your potential free reach is 80,000.

Next Steps for you

Spend the rest of the year doing this on Facebook or other Social sites.

You can’t help but build your own audience.

Recap…How To Drive Free Traffic With Facebook

Fix your profile – business like but personal – website link in bio with a free squeeze page offer or blog

Join a few groups

Engage and interact
Offer free answers and encouragement
Acknowledge when someone makes a great post

Post interesting, helpful and fun posts
Engage with anyone who engages with a post

Friend invites 10 a day across all groups

Engage with your new friends
Ask them questions, offer free advice, tell them what’s up with you

Let the relationships grow for a month or two

Slip in the occasional helpful offer

Get them on your email list or in your own group

6 months from now, you can’t stop having a growing audience

Get started today on your Free Facebook Audience Plan. And you will master how to drive free traffic with Facebook.
That’s right you need to write down your plan and your 6 month goal! So you can celebrate it when it happens.