How to Blog and Get Traffic Faster

Here is a great video that teaches how to start a blog

Some steps to take to get website traffic and how to grow your blog. It is part one of his paid course on youtube.

I like a lot of his ideas.

They are things that I use to grow my blog and website traffic.

Well worth watching and taking notes.

If you put these strategies to work on your blog, you have a much better chance of . Getting free traffic takes work and time to see results but it works.

Choose a niche to write about and then become a valuable resource for the people you are trying to reach. Turn your blog into an authority website that you can be proud of.

Then work on getting back links and better google rankings.

Plan on focusing totally on that blog for 1 year. Don’t start other projects, they will slow down your .

Be different than every one else. A unique experience they can’t get anywhere else. How can you do it better? Why should they spend time reading your blog?

Focus on really helping your vistors out.

The more you help, the better results you will get.

Most blogs are boring, so..

Don’t Be Boring

Fun and interesting is the winner. Solid that solves a problem for a specific person. Don’t try to sell to everyone. Niche down and pick who you work with and have a goal with each post.

Become the Expert for your Specific niche.

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