Getting Lost in Distraction? Fix It Today

Is Distraction Your Biggest Problem?

Are you sitting around confused? Looking at a four legged stool and wondering which leg is the most important?  Getting lost in distraction is very common today especially for beginning entrepreneurs.

We all have this tendency.

Which leg do I focus on? Until you decide, you are stuck my friend. Because you can’t chase two rabbits and catch one.

You have to be the Big Cat. The Tiger who picks one and chases it as long as your stamina lasts. Until you get that dang rabbit, you keep going until you feel the joy of catching that rabbit. By now you might not even want the rabbit, but it feels so good to know you accomplished the goal.

That’s how you get things done in the real world. You pick one and focus on it, work on it and solve all problems that are blocking you from moving forward.

The four-legged stool is the distraction only until you choose your leg and GO. It’s why lion tamers, always had a whip and a stool. The stool is for distraction.

Distraction is the major block for most people who want to make money online. They have over complicated everything by trying to do everything.

You still need a , so write down what you are going to do to reach the goal of that one leg of the stool. And write down WHY you are doing it. How will this help you move forward?

Be willing to adjust your plan in the future. If you see it not helping in some way, make some small adjustments or pivots.

If the lion sees the rabbit always runs to the right, he knows to cut it off. It’s instinctive, if your eyes are open.

Be smart about moving forward and watch for needed adjustments. The data is showing you what works and what doesn’t.

The second biggest problem is Failing to Adjust. But the biggest problem is Just Not Moving Forward because of distraction.

Here are three ways to avoid getting lost in distraction

One of the biggest is technology. Cellphones. Having a computer in your hand 24/7 and being in instant contact with anyone in the world sounds great but it is overwhelming. There is no shutoff button if you have your phone next to you. It will bother you at bad times and block your focus constantly.

Turn that thing off when working on your business. Or else someone will call or you’ll jump on Facebook for a second and that’s all it takes to destroy your focus.

Stay off email, social, youtube and just work for one hour solid. Two hours solid. That’s the time to get things accomplished. Be disciplined. Everything else needs to wait.

If you absolutely can’t do this, then do a 30 minute block. You need this time to move forward as fast as possible. Every distraction is blocking you.

You have to stay with something long enough to see progress.

Three ways to overcome distraction:

Number one:
I want you to plan your day the night before. Before you go to sleep, write down your 3-5 things to do(business objectives) for tomorrow. Then go to sleep. Three specific things, not learning, actionable things that move your business forward.

Number two:
From now on you have to separate productive action from education.
You need to schedule time for both of those things. Get that productive work done first. Move forward with a new blog post, setting up a squeeze page, creating a product, buying ads, emails, prospecting, outreach and follow up. These actions move you forward.

Learning and buying new are not the same thing. Keep them separate and learning is done after your productive work is completed.

See it is just too easy to fall into the trap of just learning new things. It’s your brain working against you, taking the easiest way out for the next hour, day or even a whole week. Putting off the hard work, the productive work.

Keep them separate and schedule that time every day.

Number three:
Time Block for your business

You need to schedule your business hours just like a job.
Between 7-11- that is non-negotiable business only time.
Or 8am-9am everyday is my business time for productive action.
Or 9pm-11pm everyday… whatever works for you, that you stick with and make it a rule everyone in the house knows.

Go to Google, type in timer and set a timer. It helps a lot.

Set aside that time in your schedule. Decide how many hours a day you want to work and write it down. Stick to it. If you have a little more time available later, use that time as well.

If you really want to succeed, you have to stay on schedule.
When you fail to follow a schedule, things will come up all the time and mess you up. You start getting less and less done. Your work is interrupted constantly and that is not focused work.

Be selfish with that time block. Completely focused on your business for that time.

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