How To Create All The Newsletters You Want Without Ongoing Expenses

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Special Bargain to celebrate the Winter season

Complete Substack Training for only $17!   How to get it?  Click the paypal button on the top right corner of the video at the 1 minute mark.  You pay and instantly get your download button and a free bonus training video too.

Learn how to setup newsletters on Substack for free.  As many as you want.  This site can save you thousands in autoresponder fees.

They only take a small percentage of sales if you offer paid newsletters to people.

Free newsletters cost you nothing.

The site is a little confusing, that is why I had these training videos made for you.  To help you get all possible out of using Substack.

23 short videos that are quick to go through.

What you learn:

  • 01 – Substack Overview
  • 02 – How to Create a Substack Account
  • 03 – How to Create a Publication
  • 04 – How to Publish a Post
  • 05 – How to Create a Podcast and audio
  • 06 – How to Create a Discussion Thread
  • 07 – How to Create a Paid Publication
  • 08 – How to Create a Private Publication
  • 09 – How to Import mailing list from another platform
  • 10 – How to import posts from another platform
  • 11 – How to import podcast episodes from another another platform
  • 12 – How to change the price of an existing paid newsletter
  • 13 – How to manually add new subscribers
  • 14 – How to Create Multiple Publications
  • 15 – What is the difference between a subscriber list and an email list on Substack
  • 16 – How to Export an email list or subscriber list
  • 17 – How to get your first 100 sign-ups
  • 18 – How to embed a sign-up form for your publication
  • 19 – Understanding the analytics of Substack
  • 20 – How to use RSS on Substack
  • 21 – Pausing Your Publication
  • 22 – Revoking Subscriptions and/or removing from list
  • 23 – Deleting a publication

Get Your Videos Today –  How to buy -> Click the link in the video at the 1 minute mark.

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