DesignBeast Review – What’s in the Product?


The ultimate graphics design software powered by AI for the first time ever.  DesignBeast is an interesting product if you create a lot of graphics for your business.  Finding a useful graphics software can be a challenge.   You need graphics in most online businesses and buying design is very expensive.  Plus finding a reliable freelancer can really suck at the beginning.

Anyway let’s dig in to this DesignBeast :

Goes live and launches on August 24.

The price is $47 for the launch.
There are 4 upsells
DesignBeast Elite – $49
DesignBeast Agency – $67
DesignBeast 4 in 1 – $39
DesignBeast Unlimited $67
So no recurring charges, which is nice to see. I bet it sells well.

This product is put together by some real powerhouse product creators. They have sold a lot of great that had few refunds. So people like the they build.

Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar have both sold multiple products on JVZoo and Warriorplus.

A good graphics tool is required with any out there.

This is going to be a blockbuster so buy your copy soon.

So what does DesignBeast do?

You are getting 6 Design, Animation and Graphics tools in this software.

Create amazing designs, graphics and animations using Artificial Intelligence in any language you need.

It’s like having a personal designer on call 24/7 no more spending $1,000’s of dollars getting new designs out the door and on your webpages.

1. You can easily make Mockups for your products and sales-pages.
2. Create 50 logos for a client in minutes with AI. You will have 50 different examples to send to your client for approval.
3. It has a great 1 click background remover tool
4. You can click and remove any object in your photo. Anything, even a person.
5. One of the highlights in this software is the 3D – Live Motion photos. Turn your boring photos into living moving images to catch peoples attention.
6. There is a complete Image Editor included as well to change any photo or image.

Why Use DesignBeast?

Sell Social Media images for posting. Memes, tips images and much more. Use them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Use them everywhere.

Create designs for all the thousands of Shopify and Etsy product seller. It is a great foot in the door to reach those owners to sell them other things in the future.

Create images for your ads and promos

Create designs for local Business owners

Create all the graphics you could ever need for your websites.

This isn’t a simple tool that requires you to design every thing from scratch. You get 7000 ready to customize designs all sized to perfection for social medial platforms.

Anything you could make on Canva for a price, you can make for free with DesignBeast.

Product mockups, book covers, banner ads, Youtube thumnails, brochures, certificates, coupons and flyers. Easily make great Infographics and even posters.

You can add effects to any photo to bring it to life.

I thinks the greatest feature is the Magic Object Removal Tool. Nobody has something that works so easily. There is always that one thing you don’t want in that photo. Now you can get rid of it.

The image editor is full featured and a lot easier to use than photoshop. Now you can edit your own images anytime you want.

The logo creator makes 50 different logos at once so you can find a great one. It will give you amazing ideas you can tweak.

It has a ton of fonts and icons in the built in library.

What business is not going to think you are worth hiring when you give them 50 great logos to pick from? They are going to think you spent hours on this!

You get all of this without a recurring fee! That’s amazing and I love no recurring fees.

Even with the base front end product at $47 you get commercial rights so you can sell anything you create.

Here are some of the other products they have sold before:

VideoPal – 36,000 sales
VideoBuilder 29,000 sales
Video Robot 60,000 sales
Animation Studio 26,000 sales
Automation Bundle 14,000 sales
ChatterPal 20,000 sales
Video Dashboard 19,600 sales
Videoapp Suite 15,500 sales
Doodle Maker 29,000 sales
Avatar Builder 22,800 sales
Video Creator 25,500 sales

Don’t miss buying this one time price graphics tool.  It’s going to sell well so they will be able to keep it updated in the future.

I would recommend it based on the previous products sold by these guys.  That being said, don’t buy this if you wont use it.

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Hope you enjoyed my DesignBeast and check out some of my other reviews on the blog.