Can you actually make money online?

Why Do Over 95% Fail To Make It Online?

by Michael Johnson

?  This post is going to OFFEND many people, so don’t say you were not warned.

I want to show some reasons why 95% of internet marketers fail online. Over and over again.

If you read to the end, I will teach you exactly what I would do if I was starting over from scratch.

Let’s go… I have to be blunt in order for you to get the gist of this concept. You need to know this.

Unlike many internet marketers, I am easy to get a hold of. I spend part of each day answering email questions. I don’t avoid getting personal with people on my email lists. I am happy to help out when I can.

Most marketers avoid getting to know their customers

The last thing they want is having to answer a bunch of emails. They dread customer emails because they know they are selling crappy products that don’t get people results. They are very hard to get a hold of.

They want everything to be automated. They outsource customer support to India. When you have a support question do you want to get answers from a $3/hour VA? Or get a quick answer from the product creator? These vendors want to sell, get your money and then hide forever.

Marketing has been going on for thousands of years. The internet has been going strong for the last 20 years. Even though all the work can be automated, in my opinion it should not be. Marketing has always been person to person. You aren’t selling to “people who want to make money online” You are selling to Jack Brown. An individual who has his own story and needs.

While your niche is everyone who is interested. Your customer/visitor is always only one person. You need to appeal to the individual. If you want the most sales, get to know your customers. Be easy for people to reach when marketing. Use video so they can get to know the real you. That is always what they are buying. You.

Are you friendly, know what you are talking about and easy going? Are you helping first? Just giving a little free help can increase your sales, as you build a relationship.

Now I’m not saying to give hours of free help. Just spend 5 minutes writing a helpful note and hit send. It builds reciprocity and good feelings for both you and your prospect.

After doing marketing for 20 years, I have gathered a lot of inside information from emailing my customers and leads.

What Are People Thinking in This Market

Some people are so desperate, they demand instant results and will do anything for a quick buck.

Others bitch about every email that even mentions an offer that will help them move forward. They don’t see what it can do.

People are at both extremes.

Here is the thing you need to know. Even though all my subscribers and every single internet marketer wants to succeed at this, not even 5% are ready to do all it takes. That 5% is the group that actually gets a successful business running online.

It’s hard and it’s a grind being a marketer. As a beginner you have to learn and do everything or hire it out.

Here are some statements that will stop your progress as an online business owner…

1. “I want success, but I don’t want to invest much money to be a better business owner”

2. “I want to succeed, but I don’t have the time to learn new things regularly”

3. “I want success, but I have nothing of value and don’t want to learn a valuable skill to teach others”

4. “I want to become a success and will do what it takes to succeed but only if there is nothing hard required”

5. “I want to become successful but nothing works, it’s all a scam”


People still wonder if you ?

You see the pattern…

It’s human nature to take the easy road. To avoid pain and learning is painful for many. The vast majority is looking for easy, cheap, and fast with no hard work. This stops them because that doesn’t exist.

There is no easy path. If it was easy, 95% of people would be making money online this week. There would be no room for newcomers. Everything would have already been found and taken advantage of.

Being hard makes marketing a skilled trade. Not every one can do it. Only the right attitudes and discipline can get you to the point of success. It’s going to take a lot of pain, failures and learning to make it.

See you could go out there and just copy someone else but you don’t see the whole picture. You wont know why it works. Success requires learning why, how and what actually works for you. It’s different for each marketer.

You can’t just take a pro writer and let him start whipping out videos. They need to learn new skills to be any good at video.

All businesses are a pain to start. You need to be able to get over the hump. The hump separates you from success. The hump stops most people. They give up right before it starts falling into place and working.

You will be excited in the beginning and then you get tired of not seeing results from all your hard work. You will start having doubts, you will be looking for an easy way out. Most people will give in and see something new that looks more promising. They will move on too soon.

In The Internet Marketing World, One Thing Is Constant

The only way to succeed is to do the work and give it your all every day for 12 months. 12 months on one project, focus all your energy onto finding a great niche, finding a problem to solve, creating the best content possible and creating the best product you can.

After that you spend the next 6 months marketing that product. Full time marketing mode. Learn all you can about marketing. If you spend 30 days tweaking your squeeze page, you will have a better squeeze page than 90% of people out there. If you spend 30 full days doing nothing but making a better sales page, it will be better than 90% of the sales pages out there.

If you spend 30 days on headlines, graphics, videos and promo emails, you will have better ones. Most people put up one squeeze page, one sales page and one offer and that is it. They think they are done. No no no. You have to make them better until you can’t squeeze another conversion out of them.

Your first 10 of anything is going to suck. It’s a learning experience. If you keep working on it, it will get better and better. And each time you improve you are moving ahead of your competition.

So get that product done. Then switch to marketing mode for the next 12 months. The product doesn’t have to be perfect. You need it to do what you said it does. That’s all. You can make it prettier later. Add new features later after you sell a few copies and have some feedback from actual buyers.

There Is A Time For Learning and A Time For Doing

At some point you need to stop learning and just get busy actually doing the work that has a chance to make you some money.

Right now there are literally thousands of potential marketers out there, not doing any actual work. They spend their free time, buying info products and courses. They spend hours every single week, watching courses and feeding on the endless content online. That’s not moving you forward.

You feel like it is progress, but just learning more and more is a trap. Do you get to the point where every time you look at your email, you spot a new awesome idea? It’s like they read your mind and it’s the exact product you were looking for. It’s amazing!

It’s a trap. The product vendors know all your buttons. They know what you are going to be looking for next. All new marketers go down the same rabbit hole of information seeking.

Nobody gives you everything in one product. That would be the last product you bought. They certainly don’t want that.

So give yourself 3 months to pick up a few different courses on aspects of internet marketing. Study them hard. The basics work, you only need the basics to have a success.

Really, one well done course is all you need to have your first successful product out and on the market.

Most of them are step by step. If you stop reading and start doing.

There are people dabbling in marketing for years and years. Still buying products, still looking for something that works, trapped in the learning mode. Thinking they need to know everything before they start. No, all they have to do is stop learning and start building a business. One business, one niche and one product. Then put your nose to the grindstone and bang out those steps.

Learn from your mistakes and create product number 2, 3, 4 and 5.

By number 5, you are going to be a master at creating products and writing a sales letter that gets sales.

Just give it your all and focus your attention on the goalpost. You will grow your own audience and buyers list doing this. You will make new friends in marketing who will help you over time.

Once you have 3 or 4 products making money, you can take a short break and relax a little.

It’s going to take more than 1 product in this business

There are few 1 hit wonders in internet marketing. It’s a learning to do and then doing the work that matters.

You need to work harder than others. Take the time to help others as much as you can. Be willing to put some money to work in your business. Buy enough tools and training to get the basics down. A successful business owner makes sacrifices and steps up to make it happen.

Treat it like a real brick and mortar business. Without a physical storefront. Internet marketing has many advantages but it is only another form of marketing. Act like a business owner, what would they do in this situation? Take it serious but have fun at the same time.

Where else can you work for yourself in pajamas? The hard work is totally worth it.

As long as you can change your bad attitudes that are holding you back. Wanting easy, free and fast is not going to get you anywhere except poorer. You are fighting laziness and procrastination the whole time. Fight for what you want.

It is too easy to look at your stack of content you need to write and tell yourself, I better watch this new training video first. Because it is a whole lot easier watching a training video in bed 😉

You are the one in charge. You have to look in the mirror at what work you are actually getting done daily. The big thing stopping you is YOU.

Only a real entrepreneur gets this. They know what needs to be done and they fight through the roadblocks as they come because they see the big picture. They know where the goalpost is.

Success takes serious action. The easy road wont get you very far. So pick something today that you could do and get it done before the day is over. Success starts NOW!

Where To Next

Hopefully, I got you thinking and more motivated. I could tell you it’s not your fault but it kind of is. You decide everything in life. Only you can motivate yourself if you have a deep need to succeed.

If you are ready to move forward, there is a path you can take.

But it requires money and a time commitment to take on this step-by-step method below.

You still have time to build your own online business. Don’t hit yourself too hard for not succeeding so far. You are fighting human nature plus an industry who can’t make much money unless people are lost and confused.

It is challenging to start making real money online. No doubt about that.

Only the serious are willing to do whatever it takes. 95% just mess around with marketing and dabble. They bounce around and never stick to one method.

Sticking to one method until you succeed, leads to you automatically knowing more about it than 95% of others. You become an expert. People know about you because you are all over the internet with your content and ads.

What Would I Do If I Had To Start From Scratch

There are a handful of really good courses that can help you get unstuck with marketing. They teach almost everything in one course.

If you have been stuck for years or are just getting started, you can learn a step-by-step at the links below.(affiliate)

StepByStep Plan


To your success;
Michael Johnson

p.s. You can try to teach yourself by watching You-tube videos but it’s a rabbit hole of ads and conflicting advice. I highly recommend you spend the money on a great course with a step-by-step . One and then just do the work.

You just aren’t going to get what you need in a $7 product even if you buy all the up sells 😉

If you truly are broke, read my free reports on my home page. Otherwise I recommend you keep working your day job and use your income tax refund next year to buy one solid highly recommended course. They are out there, like this one.