BuilderWiz a new Webpage builder by Cindy Donovan/Mosh Bari


-aka. is a new webpage builder that uses a chat bot to make a website for you in minutes.  Sales copy and design done in seconds with this Saas online sales page and landing page creator.  The process sounds easy just answer the questions the chat-bot asks you and out pops your new page.

It is scheduled to release December 31, 2021.

Mosh Bari and Cindy Donovan are teaming up to launch the coolest Chat/Build/Profit system ever seen.

Builder Wiz is a complete site builder and landing page builder that is simple to use. Just fill in the questions a chat bot asks you and wham your site is done. Build a sales page fast with this automatic sales page writer.

Using a chat-bot to build a website is unheard of and people should buy this product just to see what it is.

It will be interesting to see how they manage to create this product.

You can build your own sites or sell the sites to clients for a great price while profiting like crazy.

It is still early but it looks like a promising software as a service.

Details are still scarce but Mosh Bari makes some great . And they tend to have good customer support and updates going forward.

Both Cindy Donovan and Mosh Bari have released a lot of . They have sold 1000’s of in the past with not a lot of refunds.

Cindy Donovan past products on JVZoo are:

Email CopyDyno 535 sold
Funneleo Unlimited 114 sold
DFYHero 2.0 Deluxe 1339 sold
DFYHero 2.0 Deluxe Membership 409 sold
VidToon 2046 sold
Hammock Suite Deluxe 470 sold
Traffic Ivy Ultimate 259 sold
SociJam System 2677 sold
InstaGenius 866 sold
Viral Loop 2341 sold
Sticky Post 402 sold
WP Scope 3202 sold
Video Overplay 1070 sold
Covert Commissions v2 1787 sold

Mosh Bari has one product listed on JVZoo
Passive ProfitBuilder 915 sold

and tons on warriorplus…

Vertex 1000+sold
HostZPresso 3000+
ParaMountz 2000+
DriveZpresso 2000+
vidProfixPro 1000+
Freedom Profits 3000+
Blistering 3000+
ShopZpresso 7500+
And many more all with low refund rates so you know
he makes great products.

The expected Sale price is…

Frontend price is $27

We will learn more as time gets closer to launch. It was supposed to launch in May so let’s hope they get to work and get this out in December. A six month delay makes you wonder what is going on.

Maybe software development problems?

I will update this post when new information comes out.