100 Internet Marketing Ideas and Strategies ( 5 of 5)

and How to Start an Online Business

Learning something in this series of posts on internet and strategies? I really hope you use them to build a business for yourself.

Let’s continue;

80.  Choosing a winning Product

Is the audience insanely passionate?

Will they spend $1000/year to solve the problem?

Is the current solution flawed in any way?

Can I build a solution that is easy to get to them?

Can it be run by someone else easily in the future?

Could I build this business to make money even if I took 3 months off?

Do I want to spend the next 2 or 3 years getting this going?

Is it fun?  Is it interesting enough to keep my attention and motivation?

Is it something I would be proud to show off?

81.   Potential Client Profit Questionnaire

  1. What do your prospects WANT?
  1. What do your prospects NEED?
  1. What is their problem right now?
  1. What do they fear?
  1. What do they want to avoid when getting what they want?  What don’t they want regarding a solution?

Write as many answers as possible.  You will use them in your sales page and .

82.  Design a high converting landing page

      Pre headline –  

      Headline –

      Subheadline-    Yours free for a limited time

      Call to Action-   Download Now

Find a good product to sell

Is this product exactly what my market wants?  Is it already selling somewhere?

Are they expressing my prospects’ needs on the sales page?

Make sure the sales page is talking about your prospects’ needs and wants exactly.

Must be congruent all the way through.

Front end offers must have a video sales letter, at least two upsells, testimonials, stories and case studies that prove it works.  A good affiliate resources page helps a lot.

Use the resources available including the salespage and what you can learn about the vendor to write a compelling email sequence.

83.   My notes from Allen Says “Private Posts #1”  

These are oldies but goodies that still work in 2021

Find product ideas by watching what Big Companies are doing.  Search for Agora offers online.  They are masters at creating top selling products.  They make millions every year and have for a long long time.

Look and see how they are selling them.  What is the strategy and pattern they use over and over?

Copy what they are doing.  They have some of the best copywriters around.

Build your own version and get it launched.

Be similar but different, make a better version and start selling.

Outsource the work and spend your time finding new products to offer.

Sell resell rights to many at once.

Build your own empire of infoproducts.

Best Products To Sell

You want a product that has mass appeal, is an Easy solution( no work ) and something that can be done for free.  People want that.  People will buy those things.

Top products appeal to the herd.

The herd wants easy, entertaining, nosy, free, greedy, automatic and Pride.

They don’t want:

Anything that requires work or requires a belief in themselves.

Scarcity should be on all your sales pages.

Only 500 copies will be sold!

Offer ends on Friday at midnight eastern.  Don’t miss out.

Bonus goes away July 8th.  No extensions.

This is your last chance to pick this up.  You will never hear about this after this email.

Make every product a New Breakthrough!

It is exciting.  Never seen before.  This adds curiosity and the fear of missing out.

Make it a big deal.  If you are excited, it comes through in your writing.

Sell resell rights not an ebook

You can sell 100 copies in a few days or you can sell ebooks all year in the hopes of making 100 sales.  I think getting all the money immediately is a much better option.

Create already made solutions for people.  Instant solutions that require little work.  Look at everything and think how can I make that an instant solution for people.

Find ways to make it easy on people. 

Every product you make should be an instant solution.

The Killer Idea Sales Technique

Find a great idea or method that a product can be used for.  Write about the great idea and recommend the product they need to do it. Faster and easier.  

Doesn’t have to be a new idea, just a complete method presented in an exciting way.

Can be used on thousands of products right now, today!

Mark Bishop has used this many times in a unique way.  Google “Blox method” and see what it looks like.

Take time each day to be Creative

Sit down for 30 minutes and let your mind work out solutions.  Try to think of all the ways this script or product can be modified or improved to create something new.

30 minutes thinking about one question only.  Keep writing down ideas that come to you.

Most don’t do this.  Work on getting creative daily.

You may not come up with a winner in 30 minutes, it can come later.

Your brain will continue working on that question for days.   New ideas will keep popping up. Be ready to write notes at all times.

Always build a gathering place for your business.

Forum, Group or Network.

You will quickly grow an audience who cares what you think.

This is your place that can’t be banned, controlled or limited by others.  You have access to all your followers.  You can reach them.  You can get them on your list.  It is easy to reach them even if your emails don’t get through,  you can message anyone in your group.

Post great and help them first.  They will tell you what they want to buy.  You can find out more about them.  Post funny things and outrageous things that can go viral.

Make your most active people moderators.  They will help run the place for you. 

Have lots of interaction and discussions.

You can avoid playing the search engine game when you have your own audience.  You can get clicks on anything you want.

Your audience members can be your first affiliates sending you traffic to your offers.  Free traffic that doesn’t stop.

Think recurring products and get that residual income  

Simple cheap but Useful products  – $5, $9 or $14.99 a month

People don’t worry so much about prices in this range.  They will stay on for months and months because they hardly notice the billing.  They keep putting off cancelling and forget about it.  Sometimes for years.

Limit the duration on your sales page and billing so there is an end point though.  You don’t want them coming back in 3 years and wanting their money back.    Avoid headaches.  Keep it simple and have a 90 day, 6 month or one year membership.

This helps someone buy your product because nobody likes the idea of buying something that goes on forever.  When they know it will end even if they do nothing, it helps them buy.  Forever scares people.  What if they can’t cancel?  Do you hide when people ask for a refund?

Get more Testimonials

Give your product to 5 people on social media and just ask for a testimonial you can use.

Get at least 3 good testimonials to put on the sales page.

Offer a special deal in return for a testimonial and feedback.

Seductive Sales Letters

Become a master of seduction on your sales letters and posts.  Always write with complete(even crazy) confidence and authority.

Tell instead of sell.  Educate and inform with steady confidence.  Have no doubts what you are saying is true. 

Be upbeat and positive in all your communications.  Positive energy for the win.  It works.

Get in that state of mind before you start to write sales copy.

Paint a great picture by telling them something really, really important.

Study other sales pages.  Practice your copy by rewriting other sales pages that are proven to work.  Google agora-inc.com and read the sales pages they create and make millions with.

Don’t Try to Create Desire

Find that mass desire that already exists and point it at your products.   Describe the end result that your product provides – you aren’t convincing them, you are attracting them.

Describe benefits and then all the details about your product.  The product is filling a desire they already have in mind.

You can sell with just a huge list of benefits and a buy button.  If the desire is already there.

Attraction marketing is when your message hits a desire button and they come looking for you.

Uber Confidence

Always have complete(superhuman)confidence in all you do.  Every time you build or create something, be uber confident as you work.    Everything you do has GREAT VALUE.

Build at least one Authority Website

If you are going to be online long term, you owe it to yourself to have at least one Authority Website.  Because it makes you look great online.  Something you can show off and make a name for yourself.  It builds your reputation.  Makes you more credible, trusted and believable in all you do online.

It’s your base of operations.  Your headquarters where anyone can reach you.  It is a huge beacon of your knowledge and expertise.  You build it over time.  

Gather information, articles, and research to make a complete research website on a topic.  Build it up and help people.  Soon you can start recommending other websites(that you own)or affiliate products and solutions to your visitors.

It will get free traffic once you have enough good information on it.  When you have 100 pages of solid information on a topic,  google notices.  You will get traffic from keywords you had never even thought of before.

With 100 pages you can easily get 50,000 visitors a month.  I have done it.

Just keep filling up your authority website with useful on topic content.  Outsource a lot of the content and it takes little work for you.

Always make content that could go viral

People will share great, interesting and fun content.  Try to have lots of it.  Business doesn’t have to be boring.  So liven it up and laugh and cry.   Get those emotions flowing.  Don’t be dry and have boring information all the time.

Practice making fun and exciting content.  Look at other viral posts for inspiration.  Stay trendy and up to date.  Build curiosity and intrigue.  Tease.  Tempt. Use the fear of missing out often.

Give secrets!  You are in the secrets business.  People will always want to know what the secret is.  Prove it.  Prove what you say is true. Prove something works.  How can you prove your product does what you say?

People share your stuff with others when it is great and hits them hard. Think shock and unexpected.

Search engines still love blogs 

Keep building blogs instead of a simple html website.  Especially if you want free organic traffic.  Blogs are easy to add content to regularly.  Blogs notify the search engines of new content.

While people are reading less and less today, a blog is still a content library.   You never know what they might find and read.

Add more video content to your blog.

Add more audio content to your blog.

For people who hate to read.

Embed great videos from Youtube if you have to.  Just choose ones that are not overly commercial.  You don’t want to send someone to another competing website.  So find videos from creators who are in complementary niches.

Focus your blog on one big Main topic.  With lots to write about and go deeper into.

Every post is probably worth $100 to you in the future.  Some will be worth $100/day.  Make great posts and improve them over time.  Watch your stats and rankings.  Move your pages up the rankings by adding more information to them.  

Update your posts occasionally.  Improve and be the best post out there.  More research. More unique images. 

how to use substack

Send them something in the mail

People rarely get mail they want anymore.  It’s mostly bills today.  Surprise them with a monthly newsletter on your topic.  Filled with interesting news, case studies and golden nuggets.  A helpful simple newsletter mailed to them.

Gives you an excuse to gather physical addresses.

Offer to send them a little something in the mail for free.

Giveaway a $200 course to get them to give you their information.

Send your “exciting Ideas” newsletter.  Not boring how-to information.  Exciting new ideas and links for affiliate products that help them accomplish those ideas.

You have no competition when they read your newsletter at home on the couch.  Hardly anyone does this anymore.  But it used to be done all the time.  Still can work.

You spend $4 a click online many times.  Is $2 to print and mail a newsletter that much more expensive?  You might get 8 clicks from your newsletter per person.

Collect those mailing addresses.  Especially from your buyers list.  

Have forms online collecting mailing addresses in multiple places.


Find buyers on facebook product private groups!  All those people are buyers!!  They are right there in front of you.  Make friends with them and give them some free help and advice.  Start a conversation, not an instant pitch.  Don’t sell them anything.  Until they ask you.


How to get More Email Addresses on your Squeeze Page

Create a high converting squeeze page and get 10 times the opt-ins with this simple technique.

Forget giving away ebooks or reports or free webinars(pitchfests)… what if you gave away something people really want?

How about a Real Monthly Giveaway contest?

One lucky subscriber will win  a copy of “Joe Blanks” $500 marketing course absolutely free.

Think that would get you subscribers?  Yeah, it does.

They may not believe you so list all the past winners right there on the squeeze page.

Prove it is a real monthly giveaway.

Ouch, how can I afford to give away that much?  $500 a month is not much money if you build a 5000 person email list.  It’s probably cheaper than what you would spend buying solo ads or fb ads.  And do you think people will read your emails??  Of course they will.  They want to win.

“Joe blank” will probably be so happy he will give you a price break.  Or you could have a sweetheart deal to offer this.

Think of something else to give away.  A new bestseller book that just came out?  It has to be something great, by someone else who they have heard of or already thought of buying.  

This doesn’t work as well giving away your own stuff.  They don’t know you and your products well enough yet.  You want to give away well known popular stuff.  What could you give away that is valuable but doesn’t cost you too much?

Just advertise who won the last course and point people to your squeeze page.

The Simple Marketing System – Proven to Work

Target the hottest markets out there with droves of products and buyers.  Mass appeal with already existing desires.  What are people already buying a lot of?

Create simple products that solve for those desires and build a website that proves your product can fulfill the desire.

One page sales letter is fine.  But it must look professional and believable.  Looks like a free Report and has some great helpful information. With an irresistible offer.

3 Simple steps-

-A powerful ad for a free report

-Free Report style sales letter page


Couple of paragraphs on the top and bottom of report

Huge list of benefits in the middle

Add some ah – ha moments, tips and tricks and some golden nuggets.  Good useful information.

Describe your product just like you would face to face with a buyer.  Show what it will do for them.

Ridiculous offer 



Give affiliates most of the money.

Get buyers on your email list.  

Email that list weekly.

Create a simple banner ad   

FREE Report Reveals: How to Get a Stampede of Traffic To Any Website!

                                  To Get Your Copy visit:


Black text on white canvas with a blue url link

Get affiliates

Advertise your banner yourself

You could build a hundred of these little web sites.  And have affiliates driving traffic, making sales and building your own email list.

This technique is old marketing at its best.  Tweak it for today.  Youtube videos could drive traffic, fb or youtube ads could drive traffic. Instagram and pinterest could drive traffic.   FB groups could drive traffic.  Forums could drive traffic.  You can buy banner ads to drive traffic.

Lots of traffic out there.

What’s old comes back.  So this plain basic ad could work fantastic.  Create your own marketing plan for this simple system.  There are countless ways to make it work.  Invent something unique to you.  Similar but unique makes you stand out.

Ad – Free Report sales page – product

Advertise and Testing

You can build more of these every month and have an empire in no time.

Build a business around a good cause

Raise money and awareness for a good cause and pocket some profits at the same time.

The reason why you are selling this product.  Who are you trying to help?  How can they help?

What is the cause?  What does it mean?  What Are they trying to do?

80% of the revenue goes straight to the Cause/Charity.

Audited by the Charity

What products could you offer?  What do people want?  Use fun, interesting content to build an audience.  Make some good offers.

You are almost being partners with the cause.  You get some of their authority and good will automatically.  They raise more money.


Always have a reason why you are selling a product.  And tell them what it is on the salespage.

Always have a reason for a discount.  Always have a reason why the offer is limited.


Emailing your list

Problems getting your emails to your subscribers inbox?

Email providers are smart today.  They know a marketing email when they see it coming down the web. They know what a real legit email looks like.  They block many thousands of emails every hour.

Most real emails are short and sweet communications.

Marketing messages have tells- use the same words over and over.

Send the same message to thousands at once.

Send short and sweet emails.

Hi John, 

Here is your latest newsletter. It is now online at : ___________________.

Got some great news in it.

Have a great day;


Flipfast . com

Post your email messages on your website:

On a simple Archive page that is hidden.

Works best if the email is alone on the page so they can focus on it.

Or just make them a post.  Depends on how much traffic you are getting.

Simple emails like this have a higher chance of hitting the in box.  Less chance of a word triggering a bot.

Tell a Story

Use the power of a story with drama and excitement to lead into your sales letter.  People like to read stories.  It is human nature to want to know what happened.  Leave them hanging and make them click to page 2 of the story.  The more you get someone clicking the deeper their involvement becomes.  They have clicked 5 times and spent 20 minutes on this already may as well take a look at the product.  While they are here.

“I’d better get this since I spent half an hour already reading all this”

Get people to make tiny micro commitments and get them invested in what you are talking about.

If you ask a question, word it so the answer is always a yes.  Yes, yes, yes and yes.

Use emotions in every story and piece of copy you write.  Emotions sell.  Emotions cause desire to increase.

Using Urgency to Sell More

Scarcity and urgency make people take action now.  Before they leave and forget.

Have a good reason why.

Limited Quantity because..

Time Limit because..

Temporary Offer because

Moving on so this is your last chance to pick this up.

Not giving away this valuable bonus for long

Use urgency to encourage action now.

They need to grab this now because…

Paid Newsletter Secrets

A newsletter subscription is a great recurring revenue product.  It doesn’ t have to be expensive to start adding up fast.  100 people paying you $97 a year is close to $10,000 income.  Don’t want to offer that, maybe try $9.97 a month for 12 months.  

Newsletters must have a passionate group of people to succeed.  They have to really be interested in a topic.

Look at the popular magazines out there.  Those are great topics for a simple email delivered newsletter.  With fresh interesting content every single month.

Selling a newsletter is hard to do because people don’t know what is inside it or what to expect.

So you need to be detailed on your sales page and tell them what to expect.  Tell them why they need this and what it will do for them. Be exciting and shocking.  Surprise them with how much they are going to get.  Give them a sample issue (your best work)

Even then, conversions are not usually great unless you have real authority already.

Get testimonials, give out a sample issue and get some publicity or affiliates to promote for you.

One great trick is to give away 4 or 5 exciting free reports to buyers.  Really top notch titles that will get people’s attention.  So good they subscribe just to get those reports. 

Get these Amazing Bonus Reports immediately just for giving the newsletter a try.  You keep these reports even if you cancel later.

Write up those reports on things that your audience would go crazy to find out.

Offline Marketing

Put forms up online all over that collect mailing addresses from people interested in your niche.

They might not give up an email address but curious people might give you a mailing address.

Make it a ridiculous offer they can’t miss out on:

Get this Free Report Rushed to you by first class mail

Say Less and Say It Clearly

Don’t waste time rambling on and on in your content and sales copy.

Use short and clear sentences that are easy to read and understand.

People want to quickly decide if what you have is worth their time.  You only have a short time to give your message before people move on.  Short attention spans especially online.

Today many people only surf the web on mobile phones.

So less is more.

Just be direct and use powerful words and phrases. To catch attention and share a quick penetrating message that gets down to details.

Talk about the problem being faced.

Your quick story.

What it is.

What it does.

Where it will take them.

What they won’t have to do.

How to get it

Do not over explain yourself.

Boil it down to the nuts and bolts.

Keep only what really helps and cut out the extra

Less is better.

Write it all out and start cutting.

Well this is the end of my 40 pages of Internet and Strategies. I hope you liked it and learned some great new ideas.

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