25 Amazingly Effective Traffic Growing Tools

Build your own back links with free blogs


(don’t go overboard on linking to your stuff, mix in other authority links out) Put a couple of articles on each free blog so you look legit.  Vary your link text, don’t use the same one over and over. One post immediately, one more in two weeks.  One more each month is all that is needed and they can be short 500 word articles.


  1. livejournal.com high traffic 78 million visits monthly

free blog


  1. tumblr.com high traffic  300 million visits monthly

images mostly- look at what others in your niche are posting

use hashtags


  1. medium.com high traffic  161 million visits a month

free blog  long form


  1. blogger.com 53 million visits

free blog owned by Google can be deleted if too spammy


  1. postach.io

free blog integrates with evernote


  1. Wix.com

free website


  1. squarespace.com

free website


  1. substack.com 23 million visits

free newsletters, podcasts, monetize your a blog but with email, powerful search


  1. weebly.com

free website


  1. wordpress.com 300 million visits a month

free blog  , has a search engine, very good extra website for links and traffic


Be consistent


  1. flipgrid.com 7 million visits a month

video discussions + can build a community

Create a group “discovery” search for other groups

only 2 results can get in early


link to google docs/youtube videos/ advice and teaching

get your up there



submit to search console discovery when you publish something good

be consistent


  1. onlinegeniuses.com Must apply to use

for marketers  seo and digital marketers

slack community

Here is one of the biggest online communities that provides direct access to thousands of marketers and content creators, spanning across hundreds of niches.

So not only can you use this to drive traffic to your website, but you can also use it for:

Self promotion

Guest blogging opportunities

Outreach and link building

Collaborations and joint ventures

Find work and to hire people


  1. clubhouse app 10 million users

add your bio

start an open room

good topic – specific topic

give great information

ask the questions how they feel what they think

share those emotions

answer questions  welcome questions

clear call to action


  1. utattler.com

register for free account

tattler feed

post update

switch to public not just logged in users

Use Groups and create a group

use keywords in your group name and descriptions

publish content that helps others out

cover image that represents your group


  1. Twitter.com

search for niche keywords and hashtags

find less competitive hashtags

trendsmap.com to find better hashtags  see what the most popular hashtags are around the world in the last 7 days

ritetag.com  use search bar and enter keyword


can see tweet data




  1. torial.com 65k visits a month

change language to english

topic magazines – niches  find topics search

apply to be an expert


  1. xing.com 19 million visits

share your thoughts

groups you can join and post to

health group with english speakers thousands of users


  1. diigo.com 1 million visits

library, groups


  1. medium.com republish your

import a story add image link out to a optinpage


  1. tumblr.com free blog tons of traffic


  1. blogville.us

blog directory


  1. ontoplist.com

directory for blogs and businesses


  1. ten press release sites



2 free press releases/month hidden nav bar login signup now









powerful 1 pr a day












PR framework

  1. For Immediate Release and contact info at top
  2. short and snappy interesting headline
  3. add your location and news peg(hook) in first paragraph
  4. write just 2 or 3 paragraphs who what when where and why and 5. bullet points facts and figures
  5. company description at the bottom
  6. add 3 hash signs at end


  1. make powerful listicles

google love list posts and they are sharable

need to have an end goal for this article.. lead, traffic, sales

next logical step to solve the problem CTA

email subject line

email body message

social media links

outreach – how are you going to get it out there


Simplify the solution to a problem  simple and easy = value

step by step


research at buzzsumo.com

seed keywords

gives you a loose idea of what the people like the most

they have your target market already at those top sites


semrush keyword research


Great Tool to find keyword questions asked recently


5 free documents a month

outline builder

create master list then do a listicle for each subheading/topic


10 best ways to x  = master article

next do 10 articles for each way all linked from master article



Problem –step 1, step 2 step 3 —– all the way to the solution.  Deep dive on each step separately


look for more questions to solve


all the articles link to each other


Add images to your articles  Strong images help sharability.

freepik.com  pexels.com unsplash.com




get involved in discussions and offer your articles for them to share.  market your content to get it shared.


  1. Get converting traffic to your website with buyer intent keyword lists


3 types of buyer intent keywords

content that matches buyer intent


4 stages of buying

1 frustration

2 interest

3 consideration

4 procurement


3 types of keywords



How to __ ,History of __ , Ways to __ , What is____ , ________tutorials , ___guides Why____?


Top 10___ Reviews for _____, ____ vs. ____ , ___ compatibility



Buy ___, Free Shipping for ____, ____ deals, ____ coupon code


keyword modifiers

Best, cheap find, top, location, scam


men, women, price


serp intent

keyword planner tool

seed keyword

yoast google suggest planner


seed keyword

look for  questions comparisons

find search intent

change visualization to data

download csv and study it


  1. little known social sites to use for traffic
  2. wt.social
  3. friendica
  4. mastodon
  5. nextdoor.com list your business
  6. steemit.com communities create a community
  7. diaspora.com
  8. ello.com for artists


What’s my source for most of these traffic ?

Mick Meany @profitcopilot  he has some great Youtube videos for traffic.  Check him out.


But I know for a fact free blogs can help you look better on Google.  I have been using them for years now.  Spread your content web far and wide, it can only help if you post quality helpful articles that relate to your niche.  Start using these effective traffic growing tools.