How to Learn 5 Years of Internet Marketing Experience in 2 Months

46 Hours Of Recorded Magic - 100 podcast episodes by an Infoproduct Creator

Are you stuck in your internet marketing business?   Don’t know what to do next?  Are you starving for some free traffic?

We all started out that way so don’t feel alone.  Face it the online business game takes knowledge and experience.  If it was easy everybody would start a business and make tons of money.  That seems like a bad thing doesn’t it?  But it is not, the very fact that it is so difficult means less competition.  

But you still are probably stuck trying to figure out what works, right?  I know the feeling, it was a real struggle to start putting out my own products.  You feel unworthy in the beginning but just getting a few products available for sale makes a big difference.

You try all these great sounding ideas and get squat.  You start thinking it’s all a scam.  But you look around and there are thousands of normal people selling products online and making great money.  Maybe you just need a push in the right direction.

If this sounds like you.  You are in the right spot to learn the best ideas for an online business today.  In only 2 months, you’ll have more knowledge than 90% of internet marketers because you’ll learn it straight from an experts mouth.  Someone who has been selling info products online for 7 years.  

You will learn what Kam Jennings ( did to succeed in this business.  Without lots of affiliates selling his products and not doing huge product launches, he still makes a great income from home.

Being Stuck is a Huge Problem

Learning from someone else is the secret to success.  A mentor can show you the ropes.  Show you mistakes to avoid.
I don’t want to make you wade through a 10 page sales letter so let’s get down to the brass tacks.

What You’ll learn in this audio product

How to get more affiliate sales
How to write emails that make you a profit
How to create a membership site with recurring income
How to run your business
The secret to sales online
Fix your broken mindset about sales
What gets people to buy today
Where to get traffic
Why the more content you create the better you do
How to build your tribe of followers quickly
What to write and create that sells
How to create one product after another
Why you want your own products online
How to build a YouTube business
The secrets to using social media that work
How to use paid ads to quickly test ideas
Creating useful content instead of boring garbage online
and much, much more.
You won’t find this podcast online anymore, he took the whole thing down.

I bought the rights to sell this information as soon as I heard it was for sale.  I listened to the whole podcast over the year he published episodes.  It was addicting and so helpful.  The way he uses an interesting story to tell marketing lessons is amazing.


Podcast Sample

The Podcast Titles

How to Get Them

It’s so much content to go through I recommend you slowly listen to these podcasts over 2 or 3 months at least.  So you remember the lessons.  You will get so many ideas that taking your time will really let you soak in the knowledge being handed to you on a silver platter.

This knowledge can be worth $1,000’s to you on your online business journey.  If you do a little hard work and put in the effort needed for success.

But I know we live in an instant gratification world today so I have two options for you today.

Option 1 :  Buy them all today and get instant access.  The whole pack of 100 podcasts.  For $47.00

Option 2:   Join my membership program for only $7 a month and receive 10 podcast episodes each month you are a member.   Plus lots of other bonuses I add into the membership program each and every month.  Lots of training and tips for internet marketing and running a successful business.  I run it through my auto-responder so you will get the episodes emailed to you once a month.  You can cancel anytime.

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To your success;

Michael Johnson

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