10 Top WordPress Plugins for 2021 – Favorites

10 Top for 2021 – Favorites

by Michael Johnson

10 WordPress Plugins You Gotta Try

WordPress plugins are great. They simplify our lives and do a lot of cool things. Things that bring your webpage to life. That get people to notice what you want them to.

Your webpage needs to have a purpose. It’s not there just for someone to visit and read and leave. What is the pages purpose? Make sure you have a business idea for each page.
That is a key question so you aren’t wasting your time.

You can fill up your wordpress site with too many plugins though. Don’t have so many that your site speed drops. Google hates slow webpages. So limit your plugins to those that really help your blog. You can have too much of a good thing.

There are thousands of plugins available in the wordpress plugin directory in your dashboard. Just click add new plugin and you will see the search tool. Type a few words in and see what comes up. It’s amazing what people come up with.

I don’t want you spending ages looking for plugins so I’ll share my Top 10 WordPress plugins here:

These are all plugins I use and are the most useful in my business.

Click on the link and check them out one by one.

Top Priority is to Secure Your Website!

1. Wordfence Security

This plugin is an anti-virus, malware and firewall in one. It is all you need to secure your site from hackers and will tell you when one of your other plugins needs updates for better security.

2. WP Social Contact

This plugin is very easy to use and gives visitors multiple ways to get ahold of you besides the normal contact form. It looks great and gets better engagement. More people will contact you.
Contact Form 7 is alright but i get way too much spam entries with it. It gets annoying to have to delete all those messages.

3. Covert copy Traffic Pro

Here is a cool plugin that guards your from being copied. Every day other websites are scraping and stealing from websites. Keep earning from your on your own site. It allows them to copy the blog post but it puts your links in the copied piece. So you get traffic and from scrapers. Them copying and scraping your work helps you out with this plugin. Critical plugin if you write a lot of unique content.

4. WP Fastest Cache

Nothing out there will speed up your site speed better than this Wp Fastest Cache plugin. I have seen a 4 second load time come down to 1 second. That’s what google wants to see. Add it to all your blogs and you’ll see the difference. One time I hired a guy on fiverr to speed up my site and this is what he used.
This plugin can raise your website rankings by itself.

5. Slim Stat Analytics

This is a plugin that makes it really easy to see your website traffic stats. I find it soo much easier than friggin Google Analytics. It is a quick install and you see what you need to see on one screen. You’ll have to check and see how much it slows down your site load time. On some of my websites the plugin was too slow. But if you are sick of Google Analytics, use this Slim Stat Analytics one. I love it.

6. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO plugin is one of the most popular around. It makes it easy to optimize your webpages for better rankings. Just don’t go overboard and over-optimize. Sometimes you don’t want to make every page perfect, Google changes the algorithm constantly and they may decide Yoast if going overboard. Stay on the low side of too many keywords or becoming unreadable for visitors.

If your visitors are happy Google will know. Write for the reader first and be helpful.

7. One-Click Video Site Builder

Here is a great way to create monetized video posts quickly. You can schedule out your posts and add ads right below each video on autopilot. Great way to share great content and still have a good chance to earn some money. People watch videos on your page and are staring at your ad the whole time. It’s the perfect next step for them to take. And it is easy.

8. FotoPress

Adding images to your webpage can be time consuming. This great plugin lets you find free images online and add them to your post in seconds. Plus you have a complete photo editor so you can resize and make changes as you post. Time Saver plugin for sure.

9. Thrive Architect

When you want to build a beautiful sales-page or opt-in page, this wordpress theme will help you immensely. They have tons of templates that look great and are proven to sell. It just takes minutes to have a fantastic looking converting landing page. Many of the successful product launchers use Thrive. The possibilities are endless.

10. OneSignal

With this plugin you can get in on the latest push notifications fad that sends your posts out via browser or cellphone notifications automatically. I know I am annoyed by those and never allow them but millions of others agree to get them. Give it a try and see how many users you can grow your list to. Once you have 100 users, you should see traffic coming back to your site on autopilot. Every time you post, they see your new post popup. And for your target visitor, they will want to check it out. Just from being interested in the topic.

Check out the plugins and find a new one to give a try.

~Michael Johnson

I had someone email me about another plugin..

CookieYes | GDPR Cookie Consent & Compliance Notice

It looks very popular and if you need GDPR cookie compliance where your located, I would give it a try.