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Over 40 pages of notes on businesses you could start this week online, these are my own notes collected over the last 20 years!

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25 Amazingly Effective

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Beginners Quick Guide to a Website Business

3 Secrets to Finding Your Niche

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The Ultimate Quick Traffic to Your Website Manifesto

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How To Drive Free Traffic With Facebook

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“I have a simple mission…to help as many people as possible get the freedom of working from home and getting rid of a 9-5 job by using simple little strategies to build an

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“20 Years As A Researcher, Product Creator and Non-Stop Writer in the Internet Marketing Niche”

Helping Beginners Make Sense of Internet Marketing and

I help the average person learn how to make money online with a business of their own. You will learn the latest strategies and tactics of Internet Marketing here.

Like you I spent years and thousands of dollars trying to learn this. Thousands of hours of research and study. Buying courses and ebooks. Watching hundreds of Youtube videos. It is enough to give you headaches as you are aware.

Learn how to make your own blog/website and actually start earning some money and profits for yourself. You can start part time and work when you can. Don’t try to rush it. There is no sense in hurrying. If you rush, you will probably fail.

People make money every day online.

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